YY Litter


YY Litter

Miss White (now “Jiva”) went to Minnesota for tracking, nosework & herding competition and possibly Search & Rescue. Mr. Red (now “Archie”) went to Georgia as a pet and for therapy dog work.  Mr. Gold (now “Zeke”) went to Montana as a pet and for therapy dog work.  Mr. Purple (now “Ducati”) went to southern Colorado for forensic detection (cadaver).  Mr. Blue (now “Ve”) went to Idaho for Search & Rescue.  Mr. Green (now “Brodie”) went to Casper to be a therapy dog and compete in all kinds of dog sports – Julie plans to try agility, nosework, and rally, at least, with him.  I kept Miss Yellow (now “Pascha”) for nosework competition, therapy dog work and hopefully breeding.

Brodie (Celhaus Your Young Bromeister) at 16 weeks
the former Mr. Green
Photo 1:  “He is having a ball during this mountain storm. Thunder isn’t phasing him a bit.”
Photo 2:  “In this picture, he was under a leaking hummingbird feeder licking the ground while it was pouring on his head. What a sticky mess!”
Photo 3:  Brodie with Harlee’s GSD toy. So cute!

Brodie at 15 weeks
“A couple of pictures of Brodie who loves to help Grandma Dorothy in the garden.  In the first one, he has a daisy in his mouth.  What a helper!”

Brodie at 13 weeks
” Brother Brodie helps himself to everything of Gus’s.”

Brodie at 10 weeks
“Brodie met a friend’s dog, Scout, this weekend. He was pretty scared at first but quickly adapted.”

Ducati (Celhaus Yamaha Chasing Ducati) at 19 weeks
the former Mr. Purple
“Life imitates art”

Ducati at 13 weeks
7/8/23:  “He is awesome!  I took him to Murdock’s today, and a hardware store.  And, of course, he was a favorite of everyone.  His toy drive is over the top in awesomeness.  Great guy!  He is the best!”

Zeke (Celhaus You are a Blessing) at 13 weeks
the former Mr. Gold
7/11/23:  “Hello!  I got your latest puppy packet, thank you!  I also loved all the pictures with Emma! She seemed to love having all those puppies to play with. And the puppies loved chasing her!  We have been having a great time with Zeke these past few weeks. We live in Laurel and they go all out for the 4th of July here. However, even with all the fireworks going off, fire truck sirens from the parades, and all the other strange noises and smells, he never seemed phased.  We also went on our first hike in Red Lodge and he had a blast! Mostly stayed close to us and our golden retriever and did very well off-leash. He loved chasing the rock chucks and exploring the trail and also meeting new people. We saw two horses on the hike and he actually was pretty respectful and didn’t try to bark at them. My in-laws have horses so this wasn’t his first experience with them but it was his first time seeing them out of the pasture.  I included some pictures of the hike. And also a time-lapse picture of Zeke the first day I brought him home at 2 months old and then just recently at 3 months old. You can definitely see how much he’s grown!”

Zeke at 10 weeks
Zeke and another eventful week. For our socialization, we went to a couple of new parks in town. His favorite was the park with the pond. We met my friend Jessica and her children there to play with our kids and dogs together. Jess has a 6-year-old GSD named Jenny and she introduced Zeke to the water! He wasn’t quite brave enough to swim all together but he did wade in up to his tummy. He would watch Jenny fetch her frisbee and then ambush her on the way back to shore. It was a great time for both of them!  I also included a picture of Indiana showing Zeke his favorite nap position – under the kitchen chairs.

Jiva (Celhaus Yaj of Ten Thousand Lakes) at 19 weeks
the former Miss White
Name Story:  Yaj is Sanskrit for a person who is a wise sage. “Yaj is Sanskrit for a person who is a wise sage. Jiva is short for Jivamukthi. A Jivamukthi in Hindu is a fully “enlightened” soul who incarnates solely to help humanity. “Jiva” means the self and “mukthi” means freedom from the mortal world, emancipation or fully absorbed in God.” Minnesota is known for its over 10K lakes.
Photo 1:  “I love the twig.  She is such a happy girl!  I am so grateful.  Thanks, Cel”
Photo 3:  “One last one to make you smile.”
Photo 4:  “Introducing articles on the track this morning.  Beastly hot earlier this week with heat index in Minneapolis at 115 on Tuesday.  For 2 days not much outside time except the baby pool!  Swam yesterday with her new fetch toy.  Made of fire hose and filled with cork.”

Jiva at 18 weeks
Photo 1:  “With Mom.”
Photo 2:  “At herding.  Just hanging out with the sheep.  She had a good time looking at them, barking, relaxing.  We watched others on their herding lessons, too.”

Jiva at 16 weeks
7/28/23:  “Tracking today:  First time in tall grass and going uphill.  So many things to sort out instead of just cut grass on sorts fields.  She did SO well. Works so hard.  It was a short track.  She found my walk in and walk out and just wanted more!  Not aging the tracks yet.”
Photo 1:  “16 weeks!
Photo 2:”When you have the day off with your sister and it’s 90+ degrees out and you have a stick.  Don’t worry – in shallow water.”

Jiva at 15 weeks
“A new kind of puppy yoga.”

Jiva at 14 weeks
““Because you  needed a cute Jiva photo!  Another track today. Dry and windy. Short track (150 feet) with a few cover changes and dips in terrain. She pulls me to the start! Also can scent where I have walked in and walked out! The track is the reward! Due to dry there are more ants it seems so not aging track at all. She is doing well! She managed cover changes on her own. Love this!”

Jiva at 13 weeks
7/9/23: “Jiva had her first “herding” lesson, which basically was introducing her to sheep, cows and ducks with the herding instructor.  It will be a while before she has actual herding lessons.  She did great with the sheep!  She was willing to interact with them and chase!  It was 3 sheep in a pen.  the instructor, Joanna Yund, is a former AKC obedience and herding judge. She loved Jiva’s temperament and structure. After the pen session we went under the shade. There were many, many sheep in enclosures on each side. She had Jiva just hang out and check out the sheep and many eyeballs staring at her! Jiva did well. Joanna recommends monthly visits just to hang out with the sheep for the next 3 months and go from there. Others there asked about the tail and were impressed with her confidence and temperament.  Afterward Jiva and I headed to a state park for dips in the river and meeting more people and their kayaks and canoes. Stopped for gas and there was a car wash fundraiser for high school girls. Jiva enjoyed meeting the teens and getting loved up as the car was washed. Jiva was zonked!  A long nap! Will track this evening. She is a dream!  Sorry no pictures – I had my hands full!”
7/4/23:  “I am soaked thoroughly!  Saw the radar before I went to track Jiva and it looked as though I would have time to do it. Storm clouds to the East.  I put down a bit longer puppy track. As I got Jiva ready suddenly gusts of wind. Got her to the start and she started to do her thing with vigor! Half-way the clouds opened up in a huge downpour and gusts. Jiva was unnerved a bit as it came down hard and fast. She paused briefly and then got right back at it in the downpour mid-track. Just startled her for a second and she was back on it with gusts of wind and torrent.  Amazed me. The wind didn’t even blow her off the track except a bit. Wow! Just wow!!!!! I did take her back to the car as I was concerned hail might be next.  The park is only 2 blocks from my house. And yeah, I forgot to roll up car windows……Streets flash-flooded briefly. I am drenched. Jiva is drenched. Both of us happy!


Archie (Celhaus Yan) at 11 weeks
the former Mr. Red
“Archie is doing great! He loves hanging out with the kids!”

Ve (Celhaus Youngest Brother Ve) at 10 weeks
the former Mr. Blue
Name Story:  “Ve is one of the brothers of Odin in Norse Mythology. My two male dogs are named Vili (middle brother) and Ve. (Https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vili_and_Ve). Ve is pronounced ‘Vay’.”
Photo 1:  “The little guy getting used to his new collars.”
Photo 2:  “Learning the proper way to wait for treats with his new brother and sister.”
Photos 3-4:  “His first imprinting training for HRD.” (Human Remains Detection)


Pascha (Celhaus You Walk on the Wings of the Wind) at 20 weeks
Pascha now has her own page. 
New photos posted 8/31/23
Name Story:  Since this litter was born on Holy Saturday, I wanted an Easter-themed name for my girl.  The name for Easter in the Eastern Rite Churches is “Pasch.”  In the Western Churches we talk of the Paschal Mystery of Easter.  “Pascha” is a derivative of both Easter names.  Her registered name is from my favorite psalm (Psalm 104), which is one of the Psalms prayed in the Liturgy of the Hours for Easter Sunday.

Pascha at 18 weeks
Pascha just finished her puppy kindergarten class.  She was the star of the class until the last session, when the instructor had us teach our pups to crawl.  She did it the first time, but when we tried it again, she said, “No thank you!” and refused to lie down. The instructor, Sue, and I chuckled and introduced her to the night’s second trick, “roll over.”  That she liked – and redeemed her place as class star. 

See Pascha, 13 weeks old, on another playdate with the Sheltie pup (7/8/23)
Pascha at 11 weeks
See Pascha, 11 weeks old, visiting the Alzheimer’s Unit (6/2//23)
See Pascha playing with the Sheltie pup on 6/17
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