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How I Raise My Puppies Supplemental Photos

Big Puppy Pen

First 2 photos are looking at puppy house from deck – both showing the flap at one exit from the transition area (towards gate; the other opens into the lounging area); next photo is a side view showing the protected lounging area – also showing the ramps up to the roof of the lounging area which opens to the south and gives a protected play area in bad weather. Next photo shows the back of the puppy house and the open metal steps off the lounging area roof as well as that north-facing protected area that’s nicely shady and cool in hot weather (Hesed gives you a sense of size). Next photo looks towards the back of the pen (puppy house just behind me). Last photo is taken from the back side of the puppy yard looking towards the puppy house, though you can only really see the tree that is in the middle of the pen (Lovely lying at the end of the obstacle course gives you a sense of the size of the big puppy pen. These photos were also taken in early May when the trees were just leafing out to show you the shade and wind protection in the big puppy yard.

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