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How I Raise My Pups

First Time Alone, with Stranger, With Toys

To help you compare this first testing of drives with how the pups developed, I include the summary of who went where for what after the notes on each litter.
I illustrated four litters, including the latest.
Three are these are litters from which I kept a pup so you can, if you desire, follow how they grew up and, eventually, produce and compete.
Also see the temperament test results and Search and Rescue Test Results.

NN Litter (GloryToo bred to Cantor, session done at 33 days)

GloryToo is from the GG litter, also featured in First Time Alone

Jake and Lauren arrived shortly after I got home and we spent the day doing individual play sessions with the pups. This was the first time I had called the puppies and not fed them, so they were a little confused, especially when I picked up one and left the rest in the puppy yard. When we finished with a pup we put it into the whelping room with GloryToo for company so they wouldn’t yell at being away from the others and disturb the one being observed in the living room. We did toenails as we brought each pup in – so much easier to do with someone holding the pup! Then brought them into the living room where I had spread out a bunch of small toys – soft toys, latex toys and balls. Jake and Lauren sat on the floor and played and visited with each pup while I took photos. One thing we noticed is that all the pups wagged their tails enthusiastically the entire time we had them in the living room. What fun we had!
All the pups did really well with their first introduction to toys and first time being alone (no other littermates around) with two strangers. We did them in no particular order, just grabbing whoever came to the gate first. One thing we noticed and laughed about a lot was that all the boys liked Jake’s beard, but none of the females did. We took notes, which are listed below in the order we observed the puppies:

Mr. Brown: Had lots of people interest. Typical energy. Some good tugs. Liked soft toys no interest in ball. Quite content to play with Jake & Lauren; had no interest in looking for Cel.

Mr. Red: Stressed at being alone at the start while still in Jake’s arms. High energy, revs up to excitement easily. Took toys proudly to all three humans, showing them off, very proud of himself. Followed the ball a little. Ran, jumped, woofed a happy bark. Found Cel and was glad. When we put him into the puppy room he yelled. Eventually he figured out how to climb the barrier gate that gives GloryToo a place to be away from the puppies. He kept on yelling so I went back to check that he was okay, lifted him back into the room to be with Mr. Brown, who was slumbering peacefully. He promptly climbed over the barrier and continued yelling at the gate as we carried in another pup. Eventually he decided to nurse, and was finally quiet. When I put the next pup in the room I put him back in it too, and for a while he was quiet. However, a little later we heard yelling and went to check – this time he had taught Mr. Green to get over the barrier and both were yelling at the gate. I put both back into the room and they went to sleep, though still later I again hear yelling and this time found Mr. Red and Mr. Blue – he had obviously showed another pup how to climb over. They finally wore out and we had peace.

Miss Purple: Not as intense run-around energy as Mr. Red but lots of energy used in sustained play. Used her feet a lot and pounced on toys. Liked all 3 different balls, good deep bite on toys, shook and “killed” toys. Some of her photos show a really good, deep bite. Retrieved to Lauren and Jake but not to Cel, whom she pretty much ignored, concentrating on company. Warmed up to Lauren right away but took longer to accept Jake, who is the first man these puppies have met. Before she accepted him as he smelled him over very carefully, ending up with his hands, sniffing up and down all his fingers and then his palm. Then she decided he was just fine.

Mr. White: Went around and checked people out. Reserved at first but warmed up quickly. More interested in people than in toys. Played with toys for short periods and then went back to people. Checked out the tennis ball.

Mr. Green: Vocal! When he was unsure or didn’t feel he was in control of situation, vocalized. When he was engaged in people or play, was quiet. Independent. Wants to choose own toy; wouldn’t play with a toy if Jake or Lauren offered it. No long interest on any toy. May be not as interested in working with people, might prefer work where he was independent. Was fascinated by Jake’s nose.

Miss Yellow: Noticed all the toys. Lots of energy – play energy not random busyness. Tail wagged all the time. Possessive of toys – took off with them. Even seemed she might be trying to collect them in a pile. Tracked thrown toys/balls and retrieved, would give to people when she wanted to but would leave with toy if she thought we were going to take it. She came to people with her toys once she trusted that we wouldn’t try to take them from her and visibly relaxed, after which she would bring the toy for people to admire, very proud of herself for retrieving it. She especially liked a tiny teddy bear and chewed seriously on it. She and Miss Pink did their best to get two toys in their mouths at the same time, another thing Cantor does.

Mr. Blue: Lots of eye contact with all three of us. Physical boy wanted to be touching someone as he played with toy. Checked out all the toys. Chewed on tiny teddy bear a lot. STRONG bite – bore down enough on blue soft toy to make it squeak. Didn’t explore much as he wanted to stay close to people and cuddle. Some of his photos show a really good, deep bite. He and Miss Pink were the only ones who did much with the latex toys; young puppies usually don’t like the feel of the latex at first but like them later so it was good to see this early interest.

Mr. Gray: Lover, very affectionate, wanted to snuggle. Similar to Mr. Blue in wanting physical contact with humans but seemed a little more clingy. Liked the soft toys, especially the two teddy bears. Not a deep bite. Tracked the balls but didn’t retrieve.

Miss Pink: Liked all the toys; had no toy loyalty (where stayed with a particular toy or kept going back to it after being diverted). Strong eye contact. Kisses. Shared her toys with the humans. Likes a lot of movement – moving the toys faster than normal really got her interested and she followed the movement very well. Active, moved around with toy in mouth, very proud. Interested in everything, adventurous. Also enjoyed snuggling with humans. She and Miss Yellow did their best to get two toys in their mouths at the same time, another thing Cantor does. She and Mr. Blue were the only ones who did much with the latex toys; young puppies usually don’t like the feel of the latex at first but like them later so it was good to see this early interest. Really enjoyed tummy rubs.

Mr. Blue went with Jake to Colorado to be an avalanche dog at a ski resort. Mr. White went to Santa Fe for Search & Rescue. Miss Yellow went to Montana to do agility and nosework. Mr. Green and Mr. Red went to Colorado as pets, though Mr. Green will hopefully do nosework and tracking. Mr. Red is the third dog of mine for his family. Miss Purple went to California as a pet, the second dog her people have gotten from me. Miss Pink also went to California for a pet. Mr. Gray went to Buffalo, WY (just down the road from here) as a pet and Mr. Brown went to Gillette, WY as a pet.

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