YY Litter 62 Days Old at Wild Playtime

YY Litter, 62 Days Old, at a Wild Playtime
Miss Yellow & Mr. Green are the only ones left.  Since it’s easy to tell them apart (Mr. Green being big and fluffy, and Miss Yellow, not), they no longer wear collars.

The pups had such a great time playing with Denise’s Sheltie pup, Emma, on May 27th, that we wanted to get them together again.  It seemed that our daily deluges always began in early afternoon, but today it still wasn’t raining when Denise got off work at 5, so we decided to chance a playtime even though the clouds made it pretty dark.  This time they would get to play with all three of Denise’s dogs. 

I hurried to load the pups and get to Denise’s.  Naturally, since I was in a hurry, both pups left me as I walked towards the big yard and the car, instead climbing the steps and going into the house. I kept walking and calling because it’s a pain to pursue them in the house and pack them to the car, and amazingly they came.  Mr. Green came almost immediately and got LOTS of praise while I waited hoping Pascha would come back out the doggie door.  Eventually she did, yelling a bit on the deck before turning away from us to go down the steps and then join us.  This is a BIG thing for puppies to learn – to go away from where you want to be in order to get there – and I was quite pleased with both of them.

Hayden, a sheltie who is 11, didn’t play with the pups.  Gus, a cockapoo, only played a little.  But ten-month-old Emma sure did!  The dark day was a challenge for photo taking; I had the iso setting up very high so some photos are a little grainy. They were having a great time until it began sprinkling.  I quickly packed up and raced home.  I got under the carport, unloaded puppies and walked them around to the puppy yard, and even fixed their supper and took it out before the downpour got here. 

It was a great ending to Mr. Green’s life here, as his new family came for him the next morning.  I kept Miss Yellow (now Pascha).

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