Chaos Agility Photos

Chaos’ Agility Photos


Competition (Photos by DeMaine Image)











Susan Anderson, a great professional agility trainer and competitor from Rapid City, comes monthly in the good-weather months to help us improve our handling skills and to help us improve our dogs’ agility skills.  We finally had nice enough weather to hold our last Sunday/Monday training session of  2011 outdoors (in September, when these photos were taken).  I take photos of everyone else’s dogs and really appreciate Bobbi & Jodi taking photos of mine.  I worked Berakah, Chaos & Lively – so look for the photos of the other two as well.  So far this year we have had to use an indoor arena because of the heat – and the light is too dim for good photos.  Hopefully we’ll get some more good photos this year.  I don’t have any 2012 competition photos of Chaos either, since we haven’t been able to make any trials this year because none are close enough to drive back and forth daily, which is what I have to do since I have elderly ones at home to care for.





Part of the fun of training is the rewards – especially when I pull out the Frisbee!


C’mon, Mom, throw it!


He has great attention and desire to please.