Jubilee Favorite Photos

My Favorite Photos of Celhaus Jubilee

Jubilee at 4 weeks

at 43 days

at 7 weeks

She was always a beautiful mover

That was because of her beautiful conformation.

She has always loved the big Jolly Ball

Killing the indestructible ball

She and her mother, Glory, always made “tacos” of their Frisbees when they retrieved them.

Good mother

with the Q litter, 21 days old (Quinta has the sparkle collar)

Competing in agility


Jubilee’s Famous Trick

Photos at 13.  She’s still beautiful!

And still loves to kill the indestructible ball.

Oh, does she love her pool.  It’s hard to keep her out of it on these summer days, but who cares if she drips all over the house?

to Jubilee’s grandchildren

to Jubilee’s great-grandchildren

to Jubilee playing with her great-grandchildren

to photos of Jubilee as she turned 14