Lively Celebrates Her 100th Therapy Dog Visit

Lively Celebrates Her 100th Therapy Dog Visit
at the Alzheimer’s Unit
March 23, 2022
12 years 4 months old

All but one of Lively’s therapy dog visits have been to nursing homes and probably a majority have been to the Alzheimer’s Unit. (The one “odd” visit was giving stress relief at the college during finals week.)  The Unit wanted to be where she celebrated her 100th visit – and upcoming retirement on June 30th.  They signed a beautiful card and several posed with us in front of the poster they made.

One of our favorite Unit residents was dying that day. The family (in Oregon) wanted one last photo of her with the therapy dog.  For years she was sure I was caring for her dogs and bringing them to visit her.  Lately, she still would perk up for the therapy dog – and puppy visits – if only for a few minutes before going back into her usual zombie state. 

One of the residents who cries every time I bring a therapy dog because she misses her own dog so much – today she didn’t feel like bending over so she massaged Lively with her foot.

Here she is at 11 years10 months, visiting the Alzheimer’s Unit

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