GloryToo Snow Play March 12 2020

GloryToo Playing in a Spring Snow
March 12, 2020
GloryToo is 6 years 9 months old

On March 12th we awoke to one of those incredibly beautiful snowfalls where every blade of grass was covered with real-life flocking.  I grabbed my camera and photographed all the dogs during their ball sessions.  If you look at these pages in order, you will see how the light intensifies and the snow crystals disappear.  It was a fun photographic challenge and I’m pleased I got some good photos.  Enjoy!!

GloryToo is usually the 4th do to play each morning, but the sun was coming out and melting snow so I changed her to third in order to get good photos to use in the last of her series of books (14 in all) for the kids in the Reading Dog program.  

All her life, GloryToo has loved to collapse on the ground and toll on her toy rather than do much retrieving (unless the ball is lost in the snow, when she REALLY likes to search for it).  As I wrote the chapters in her book set, I noticed many photographs of her doing that.  The people proofreading the books helped me brainstorm for a name for that signature move of hers.  Of our suggestions, the graphics experts at Epiphany Printing who are putting the books together liked CARROT the best (Collapse and Roll on Toy), so we’re going to use a carrot as her symbol and get the kids searching through all the books for her “CARROTing.”  We are having a lot of fun with these books.  Thankfully, GloryToo cooperated with several CARROTs as I was taking the snow play photos:

Next I photographed Lovely

Then I went back to the usual play order:
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