Hopeful at 16 Weeks HEARTing

Hopeful at 16 weeks

During Hopeful’s second week of enforced quiet due to a broken toe, she got to go out with GloryToo and then Cantor during their ball sessions.  To keep her quiet, each morning I took out a different toy or ball so that she focused on playing with it rather than wanting to chase the big dogs.  Most were ones that I normally take on our nursing home visits with the litters, but they are new to her because she didn’t get to go on nursing homes due to the pandemic.  All of them, of course have squeakies.  Sometimes they have the squeakies in different places, which also helped keep Hopeful occupied, trying every body part on the toy until she found out how to make the new toy make noise.

One toy in these photos is a spotted black and white “cow” that makes a kind of mooing noise when she catches or carries it.  Another is a soft, long stretchy “cat.”  Another is a fluorescent “fish.”  Yet another is a fuzzy, bright yellow “hedgehog.”  One of my favorites is a bright red “flowerpot” with a blue “flower.”  And then there’s the huge, bright yellow “duck” that makes a really strange “quack” when it is pushed.

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