Lively Snow Play March 12 2020

Lively Playing in a Spring Snow
March 12, 2020
Lively is 10 years 4 months old

On March 12th we awoke to one of those incredibly beautiful snowfalls where every blade of grass was covered with real-life flocking.  I grabbed my camera and photographed all the dogs during their ball sessions.  Lively was the fifth dog I photographed.  The sun by this time was quite bright, the sky was blue and lot of the flocking had already melted off the fences and leaves.

Lively’s feet have a lot of arthritis, so she doesn’t run much any more.  I was tickled that she decided to CARROT very close to me.  CARROT? you ask.  All her life, Lively’s daughter, GloryToo, has loved to collapse on the ground and toll on her toy rather than do much retrieving.  As I wrote the chapters in GloryToo’s set of books for the Reading Dog participants, I noticed many photographs of her doing that.  The people proofreading the books helped me brainstorm for a name for that signature move of GloryToo’s.  Of our suggestions, the graphics experts at Epiphany Printing, who are putting the books together ,liked CARROT the best (Collapse and Roll on Toy), so we’re going to use a carrot as her symbol and get the kids searching through all the books for her “CARROTing.”  I’m now using that term for any other dog who likes to do that same play maneuver – only Lively so far, though they both got it from the original Glory. 

If you look at the pages in order, you will see how the light intensifies and the snow crystals disappear.  It was a fun photographic challenge and I’m pleased I got some good photos.  Enjoy!!

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