Mercy at the Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar 6/5/21

Mercy at the Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar
This day of the seminar was for dogs competing at Novice and Advanced levels.
Many thanks to Sheila Ruble for taking photos of Mercy working.

Mercy has competed at a couple of trials and done well, though she tends to be so excited that it takes her time to kick into serious search mode.  She will be competing in Superior Exteriors, so I asked Dave for help getting her to focus from the time she passes the cones into the search area. 

Vehicle Search The hide was in a compartment just behind the right rear tire.

The first exterior search  This search included some cases of big blue metal things.  The hide was in the second-from-right blue thing on the north side of the area.
The second exterior search 
This search area contained both low and high things.  Many dogs struggled to find the hide in this one.  It was under the back crate.
The third exterior search:  This search area included a stack of old tires and two vehicle cabs.  The hide was just inside the green cab’s right door.
The fourth exterior search: This search consisted of one flatbed trailer   A breeze was blowing from the west, taking scent along the sides and underside of the trailer.  The hide was in the hitch. 

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