Mercy Snow Play March 12 2020

Mercy Playing in a Spring Snow
March 12, 2020
Mercy is 4 years 1 month old

On March 12th we awoke to one of those incredibly beautiful snowfalls where every blade of grass was covered with real-life flocking.  I grabbed my camera and photographed all the dogs during their ball sessions.  Mercy’s was the sixth session I photographed.  I didn’t get as many photos of Mercy as I did the others because she is VERY serious about her retrieving and usually returns to me on the same path every time, once she catches the ball detouring as needed to get to her preferred route back.  I did manage to get one photo of her play bow that she does once she drops the ball, while she waits for me to pick it up and throw it once more.

If you look at these pages in order, you will see how the light intensifies and the snow crystals disappear.  It was a fun photographic challenge and I’m pleased I got some good photos.  Enjoy!!

first snow play session:  Berakah’s & Hesed’s
second snow play session:  Spirit’s
third snow play session:  GloryToo’s
fourth snow play session:  Lovely’s
fifth snow play session:  Lively’s
seventh snow play session:  Cantor’s