Nosework Trial October 2019 3

Interior Search Photos

On interior searches, the novice and advanced search areas were side by side so I ran Spirit and Cantor on lead. The others (Berakah, Lively & GloryToo) got to work off leash since their areas were separated from the lower level areas. 


Advanced Level:  Cantor & Jamboree


My only disappointment was that Elizabeth didn’t get any of Cantor in his second Interiors run, when he tried to shove his head into the small space where the hide was and ended up on his shoulder with his butt in the air pushing hard, until he finally sank into a down. It was hilarious.



Superior Level: GloryToo


Master Level:  Lively


Elite Level: Berakah

In Berakah’s first run, one “room” was a bathroom and the other was an area of the Exhibit Hall defined by blue tape on the floor. In her second run, both “rooms” were areas of the large Hall, marked by tape and separated by a few feet.

Trial 1

Trial 2

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