SS Litter 17 wks – Hildy Playing with Hesed

SS Litter at 17 Weeks – Weekly Wednesday Night Playdate
My Hesed goes to play with Hildy at Hildy’s place

Because of her broken toe, Hopeful couldn’t go to the Wednesday night puppy playtimes for 3 weeks.  The other pup, Hazel, couldn’t go one Wednesday night, so Claudia asked if I would bring one of my adults to play with her pup, Hildy.  I decided to take Hesed.  I also took my camera since Hesed is a beautiful red sable and just glows in the reddish-yellow light of early morning and late evening.  That smoke that boiled in Wednesday evening was really scary.  One good thing about the fires, though, is that they make for even more gorgeous sunrises and sunsets than usual.  All the particles in the air reflect the light into luminous reds and yellows. 

As you enjoy these photos please spare a thought and a pray for all who suffer when the wildfires rage – the loss of buildings, homes and lives; the trees that are killed; the birds, insects and wildlife who can’t get away; the cattle who are trapped and the ranchers who risk their lives to try to get them to safety and save much-needed hay for winter.

Hesed is 5 years and 7 months old.  

Hesed was much more interested in the toys Claudia had put out than in just playing with Hildy, so Claudia threw the ball for Hesed, and Hildy chased Hesed as Hesed chased the ball.  She started with a big soft ball on a rope.

That big ball got heavy after a while, so she switched to a small ball that was easier to throw.  She could throw it farther, too, so the dogs really stretched out and ran.

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