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Puppy Development

Puppies are totally helpless when they’re born.  They are blind and deaf because their nervous system hasn’t matured yet.  It won’t for three weeks.   Their eyes open when the pups are between 10 to 14 days but they still don’t work well for several more weeks.  They are very sensitive to (bothered by) bright light, nor can they see well for quite a while.  They can’t regulate their body temperature and will die if they get chilled, so the mother stays with them constantly and the breeder makes sure that no drafts (breezes) hit them and that the temperature in the whelping box stays quite warm.  When they’re born they’re very long-bodied with tiny little legs.   They find their mother, and her nipples, by smell, pulling themselves towards her with their front legs because their muscles aren’t developed at all.  They don’t notice that they have littermates; all they know is to find mother to eat and get warm, then to ease away from her to sleep.  They can’t urinate or defecate because those muscles aren’t developed yet, either, so their mother has to lick them to stimulate them to get rid of wastes.

1 day old puppy (sable)

4 day old puppy

8 day old puppy

10 day old puppy (sable)

They grow amazingly fast and soon are holding their heads up by themselves.  Next they’re trying to stand up on those ridiculously short legs (which are getting stronger all the time), but if they take a deep breath they fall over and roll because they’re so fat.  I’m always excited to find that their ears have opened.   Wonder how I know that?  I’ll walk into the whelping room and they hear me and bark–and scare themselves making that noise, which makes them jump, which makes them fall down and roll around!  I never grow tired of seeing this.

16 day old puppy

Soon they begin to notice each other and to try to play, although it’s very hard to do because they lose their balance so easily.  Day by day they change amazingly as their nervous system and the rest of their bodies mature, their eyes function more clearly, and their muscles grow strong from movement. From then on the improvements are amazing, and soon they’re beginning to eat solid food and to make incredible poopy messes, since mom quits cleaning up their messes when they begin to eat something other than her milk.  No longer will they lie trustingly in my hand or on my lap; no longer are they lovable babies.  Now they’re getting very sharp little teeth and using them on everything–Ouch!

They get bolder and more active all the time, and need to be outside to stretch and run and explore and be dogs.  Their little brains are all developed now and learning a mile a minute.  They have a very short attention span but otherwise have an adult brain, capable of all kinds of learning.  In their third week I have them outside during the day but bring them inside to spend the night in the whelping bed with mom.  By the 4th week they are outside all the time; sleeping warmly and comfortably in the puppy house and using its doggie door to go outside and play in the large puppy pen.  I bring them into the house frequently, usually one at a time, so that I can be sure they don’t destroy anything or make messes.

24 day puppy playing

I begin making sure they do something new and different each day.   Since I have over 2 acres, with lots of shelterbelts and different terrain, I can take them to a new spot easily and watch them explore.  I take them to friends’ homes and to the local nursing homes.  I’m busy stretching those little brains and teaching them to love to learn and see new places.  By this time I usually wear long pants and hiking boots when I have the puppies loose, because those needle-sharp teeth are often attached to me, sometimes to the point where I can’t even walk.  they’re little monsters by now!  The only time they’ll snuggle is when they’ve worn themselves out playing.

A 37 day old puppy being a smart alec.  Watch out fingers!!

A 41 day old puppy visits a nursing home resident

By the time they’re seven weeks old they are ready to go to their new homes.  I’ve done my best to help them develop as individuals, to think the world is their plaything, to enjoy learning, and most especially to crave human companionship.   I’ll call their new owners often to check on how they’re doing, and get excited every time I get a note extolling their greatness and more photographs to add to my collection.  I will follow them all their lives, helping any way I can, proud of the joy they bring their owners, and finally grieving when they die.

7 week old puppy saying, “Take me home with you!”

4 months old, all ears and grace!

It is an awesome, wonderful thing to be owned by a German Shepherd!

How to Make Puppy Pie
Author Unknown

Take one puppy, roll and play until lightly pampered, then add the following

1 cup patience….
1 cup understanding….
1 pinch correction….
1 cup hard work….
2 cups praise and 1 1/2 cups fun…

blend well.

Heat with warmth of your heart until raised

or until puppy has doubled in

Mix with owner until consistency is such that owner and puppy are one.