Reading Dogs at TRE May 2021

Reading Dogs at Tongue River Elementary School
GloryToo & Lovely

I am in the process of creating trading cards for my therapy dogs who participate in Reading Dog at Tongue River Elementary.  Two weeks ago, one of the kids gave me the sweetest smile when he received Berakah’s trading card with his picture on it with.  

See Berakah’s trading cards

That reminded me that I had no photos of GloryToo with the kids.  When I took photos at Reading Dog the week before covid shut everything down (March 2020), GloryToo was in heat and couldn’t go to Reading Dog, so I only got photos of Berakah and Lovely. 

I definitely needed photos of her with the kids, so I took my camera on May 24th, our last Reading Dog session for this school year, and took photos of her and Lovely (who is now substituting for Berakah, who had to retire due to health issues). 

Since we’re making the trading cards larger than the standard size, we can only get 9 on one sheet of card stock.  Originally, I had only planned on 11 or 12 training cards per dog, but since the print shop prints the cards by a set rather than individually, I’m choosing 18 photos of each dog in order not to waste the card stock. 

I don’t have as many photos of Lovely in this batch because she had the youngest kids reading to her – and those pre-kindergarteners just don’t hold still long enough for many good photos.  In the first set of Lovely’s photos, the two little girls got into a spat over whose turn it was to read the book, so notice their expressions.  I didn’t photograph the serious part of the disagreement, so you see the beginnings and the resolution of the conflict.  They have read happily together all year – it must be “school’s-almost-out” excitement.

The pre-kindergarten boy was bouncing around so much that only a couple of his photos were in focus. 

Once we got to the older kids, 3rd grade and up, I got a lot more photos. 

See Lovely at Reading Dog 5/24/21

See Lovely at Reading Dog 2/24/20

GloryToo has the 4th and 5th graders so I got quite a few photos of them.

See GloryToo at Reading Dog 5/24/24
See Berakah at Reading Dog at TRE 2-24-20