2022 Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar Sunday 6

Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar Sunday, 9/18/22, page 6
Learn more at www.davekroyer.com (including a thirteen-video “Super Snout series showing his method) and on @davekroyerdogs.
See An Illustrated Explanation of Nosework for Those Unfamiliar with It
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This seminar focused on efficient searching, accurate indications and reading the dog’s indication (whatever that indication may be).  In Dave’s method, the indication is a sit or down – or reaching up on high hides to get as close as possible – and staring at the hide until released by a clicker or spoken “yes,” at which time the dog goes away from the hide to the owner to receive its reward.  All of us in Sheridan use that indication but some seminar participants don’t.

This page shows the photos of the search of the third truck (#203) in the big Elite Vehicle Search.

5th part of the Elite Vehicle Search

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