UU Litter

UU Litter

whelped January 25, 2021:  3 bicolor or black & tan males, 1 black male, 2 black females & 1 bicolor female
Mercy bred to Cantor
UU litter background information
UU litter pedigree
Mr. Blue (now “Radar”) & Miss Pink (now “Jazz”) went to Gillette, WY, to be trained for police work).  Miss Yellow (now “Nisa”) went to Portland to do agility.  Miss Purple (now “Beadie”) went to Colorado to do agility and nosework.  Mr. Green (now “Marshal”) and Mr. White (now “Cody”) went to Colorado to be pets.  Mr. Red (now “Ursa”) went to SW Wyoming as a pet.

Ursa (Celhaus Ursa Minor) at 1 year
“Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!  With Love, Ursa”

Ursa at 11 months

Nisa (Celhaus Unstoppable Nisa) at 1 year
“Celebrating Nisa’s first birthday!”

Marshal (Celhaus Ursus the Mighty Xavier) at 1year
“It’s a great day to turn 1 year old! I love him so much!”  (scroll down for more photos)

Cody (Celhaus Uncharted Life Adventures CGC) at 23 weeks
Congratulations, Cody, for earning your Canine Good Citizen title!
11/178/21:  “Cody passed the Canine Good Citizen test tonight.  He did excellent tonight and now we go onto new things…”
Photo 1:  “Waiting in the car.  We are doing a one-off training currently.  Last session was tube agility which he liked so well that I’m looking at getting a 15-foot tube for home.  He hasn’t done too well with the nose-scent so need to work on it (aka, he was looking at me for treats and randomly sitting down, one time just happened to be near the scent can…)  I have been doing treat search throughout house (and in snow today) with treats in more difficult places to keep all three engaged.  So far, he isn’t a ‘trick-performing’ pup but more task-focused. (No shake, roll-over, bow, etc.).
It was snowing hard last week.  Cody was sitting out in the snow all happy and becoming a suger-cookie.  I was calling him in every so often to melt, thaw, warm up before the next adventure.  He found a ball in the snow and was playing with it, losing it and finding it again in the snow.  I was talking to someone who mentioned throwing carrots into the snow for the dogs to find but my dogs normally don’t like carrots.”
Photo 2:  “Cody hogs all the toys.  Every toy thrown or played with, Cody has to get it and put it in the pile.  He is also the best at keep-away from the labs with supper quick head moves leaving Carson and Pearl grasping at air.  Although the labs do get the toys when working as a team.”
Photos 3, 5 & 6:  “He was lying down but didn’t get the cutest pic as Carson & Pearl interrupted the shot (and even at 1/500 sec, he moved a little too much.).  Cody is a belly-hound.  He gets up, wakes you up, goes to top of stairway and plops down waiting for you to rub his belly.  When we come in through the basement, he is laying down on the first landing waiting for his belly to be rubbed…”
Photo 4:  “The pic where he was lying down was super-bright background on the pic but processing raw file produced a nice shot.  I like the intense look.  We had one coyote run past the back fence a week or so ago.  Pearl now randomly barks trying to get it to come back…  Cody is full-shepherd on that and barks as needed (ok, as he wants…).”
Photo 7:  “He loves his house… When I’m making breakfast, Cody can usually be found in his house waiting.  Notice the couch has no back cushions.   Labs chewed them up a long time ago.  The dog bed in the pic is on the couch since there isn’t any room on the floor due to crate/houses.”

Radar (Celhaus United We Stand) at 28 weeks

Beadie (Celhaus Ultimav Udo) at 43 weeks
Name Story:  “Ultimav Udo – which depending on what your web search returns for what these two words mean in German – it’s either ultimate power of the wolf or ultimate power of the home.  We do not doubt she will live up to both names.  Her call name is “Beadie”, which derived from a character in the HBO series The Wire, which takes the viewer through the complicated nature of the drug trade and the politics that come into play from the streets, to the police force, to the actual politicians.  In the second season of The Wire, a port authority officer, Beadie Russell, uncovers a shipping can with a hidden compartment carrying thirteen dead women who were being trafficked.  Dark, I know, but stay with me!  Beadie, who was essentially a patrol officer, develops into a savvy detective who assists a talented team of police in solving the case.  We had the name picked out before meeting any of the pups in the event we went home with a girl. We feel like the name couldn’t be anymore appropriate due to her response to the cadaver test.  Is it too aggressive to claim kismet?  We don’t think so.”

“Beadie has a new friend, Ivy, a tiny but very active Belgian Malinois.  They are super wild with matching energy so they play well together.  They go on walks Monday-Wednesday, each on a prong collar, both of which has really helped in reducing Beadie’s excitement when she sees other dogs on walks.  Mark, the dog walker, has been an absolute angel in bringing Ivy by to play with Beadie and work on her obedience to commands when she is around other dogs.  She is holding steady at 65 pounds.”

Beadie at 33 weeks
“Beadie seems to be taking a break in a growth spurt – she’s not as excited about her food as she usually is.  She’ll get around to eating it, but it’s not a full inhale like she has been doing since we brought her home.  She weighs about 60 lbs.  
We do a 45-minute walk at the park daily in addition to her other walks in the AM and PM.  She stalks every squirrel she sees at the park which is always amusing.  She is holding strong at 62 lbs and filling out quite nicely.  “

Beadie at 29 weeks
Photo 3:  “The flirt stick is her main obsession.  It’s basically a cat toy made for dogs.  There’s a long pole with a heavy-duty string attached to a furry creature at the end.  We practice “wait” and “ok” and “leave it” with her on the flirt stick because playing with that toy is her main reward. Some folks have built their own, but I got ours from Amazon.  We have two, which I captured below.  Her favorite is the Outward Hound toy.  We make sure to keep it close to the ground to avoid her jumping.  We have tried to bring it on walks with some positive reaction when we see dogs, but we mainly use it in the backyard right when we get home to work off some of her steam.”  

Marshal (Celhaus Ursus the Mighty Xavier) at 11 months
Photo 1:  “Merry Christmas Eve!  I put his photo online long with the following post, ‘To my sweet pup Marshal, on his first Christmas.  May you have a long and wonderful life!  I love being with you and watching you continue to grow and become the ‘man of our house.”
Photo 2:  “Some, but not all, of their Christmas loot!”
Photo 3: “A quiet, introspective New Year’s Eve.  I really would rather be with my dogs.”
Photo 4:  “New Year’s Eve photo with effects”
Photo 6:  “January 6th snowy day.”
Photos 7-9:  “January 18.  We typically go over to the playground areas if no one is there when we are on our walks at parks.  We do agility and obedience exercises on some of the playground equipment.  He’s so adorable!”

Marshal at 36 weeks
“It’s cuddle weather!”

Marshal at 34 weeks
Photo 1:  “Super cutie with super cute feet.”
Photo 2:  “Weekending!”

Marshal at 32 weeks
“Every so often you get a bouquet in which every single rose opens perfectly – here’s one of them!  I’m really proud of how these turned out. Proud of the dogs, too!  We took tons of rose photos.”

Marshal at 31 weeks
Photos 1-2:  Friday fun – playing with water.  They were focused on the hose in these photos.
Photo 3:  “Marshal is looking quite lupine. Looks extra wolfy when he’s wet!”
Photos 4-5:  “It’s a beautiful day here!”

Marshal at 29 weeks
“Playing around and posing on the playground equipment.”

Marshal at 23 weeks
“Evening walk on July 4th

Marshal at 21 weeks