UU Litter

UU Litter

whelped January 25, 2021:  3 bicolor or black & tan males, 1 black male, 2 black females & 1 bicolor female
Mercy bred to Cantor
UU litter background information
UU litter pedigree
Mr. Blue (now “Radar”) & Miss Pink (now “Jazz”) went to Gillette, WY, to be trained for police work).  Miss Yellow (now “Nisa”) went to Portland to do agility.  Miss Purple (now “Beadie”) went to Colorado to do agility and nosework.  Mr. Green (now “Marshal”) and Mr. White (now “Cody”) went to Colorado to be pets.  Mr. Red (now “Ursa”) went to SW Wyoming as a pet.

Ursa (Celhaus Ursa Minor) at 1 year 5 months
“We went up to the lake yesterday after work to get a respite from the heat.  It was so nice, about 10 degrees cooler than town and no chance of overheating while playing swim fetch and riding in the boat.“

Ursa at 1 year 3 months
Photos 1-2:  “
We are always thinking about you and the family up in Sheridan.  Hoping you are well and sending best wishes. We have been on a couple hikes this week up in Sinks Canyon and wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. Although not in the same exact spot these were 4 days apart. 15 months old now and doing great. He will definitely be missing the snow shortly but swimming season will be here soon. 
Photo 3:  “
Here is a cute picture of Ursa’s current state.  We went on a 3-hour hike today. We were walking the ski trails and picking up trash. Lots of mud and snow. We saw a grouse and a ground squirrel. He finished the hike by jumping into a small pond with black stinky mud, but he did come out with an aluminium can to add to the trash collection. Later after we got home and had a nap we walked to the river at the end of our street and swam for a brief moment to clean off. Another best day ever!
Photo 4:  “I am attaching a photo from today’s nosework training for Grandma to put on her refrigerator.”
Photos 5-6:  Scott and Ursa went to the UKC Nosework trial in Huntly, MT, first trial for both.  Ursa passed 2 legs with no faults and earned his Novice Containers title.  So proud of both of you!!  I wasn’t able to go to the trial because I had a guy here building storage sheds and couldn’t leave town – so disappointed.

Marshal (Celhaus Ursus the Mighty Xavier) at 1 year 5 months
6/28:  “Hi, Cel!  Just got the late-late-adolescent mailing (12-18 months).  Upon browsing through it, I felt so much appreciation for you.  Thank you again for all that you do.”
Photos 1 & 5: “Celebrating my birthday with Marshal and a doggie playdate. What’s a birthday without your dogs having a play date?”
Photos 2-3: “Marshal and his kitty”
Photo 4: “I posted this on social media with the caption “I think he loves me!” and people loved my post! There were a lot of wonderful comments on it. One of my favorite comments was from a friend from India.”
Photo 7: “German Shepherd sandwich”
Photos 8-10: “Happy 4th of July!”
Photo 11: “Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!”

Marshal at 1 year 4 months
“Hanging out with me while I’m working in the front yard.”

Marshal at 1 year 3 months
Photos 1-3, 4/22/22:  “Photo shoot time.”
Photo 4, 4/26/22:  “I took Marshal to Denver to do some tasks, just him and me.  This included having him practice sit and stay while I got cash at an ATM.  We went walking around some neighborhoods/office building areas, and that’s where this photo was taken.”

Beadie (Celhaus Ultimav Udo) at 1 year 1 month
Name Story:  “Ultimav Udo – which depending on what your web search returns for what these two words mean in German – it’s either ultimate power of the wolf or ultimate power of the home.  We do not doubt she will live up to both names.  Her call name is “Beadie”, which derived from a character in the HBO series The Wire, which takes the viewer through the complicated nature of the drug trade and the politics that come into play from the streets, to the police force, to the actual politicians.  In the second season of The Wire, a port authority officer, Beadie Russell, uncovers a shipping can with a hidden compartment carrying thirteen dead women who were being trafficked.  Dark, I know, but stay with me!  Beadie, who was essentially a patrol officer, develops into a savvy detective who assists a talented team of police in solving the case.  We had the name picked out before meeting any of the pups in the event we went home with a girl. We feel like the name couldn’t be anymore appropriate due to her response to the cadaver test.  Is it too aggressive to claim kismet?  We don’t think so.”

“Beadie is doing really well, and we are starting her in more classes for agility and are hoping to get our good canine citizen graduation soon.  She has made a ton more friends as she is walked with a few other dogs during the day and we are taking her running with us.  She has zero problem keeping pace and has endless energy, so we keep an eye on her to make sure she isn’t over-exerting herself.  She weighs ~66 lbs and is filling out nicely.  She is just the sweetest dog and we are so grateful she loves all people and animals – maybe just a little bit too much.  We get lots of compliments on her.  Here are a couple of pictures of her stalking squirrels, her one true passion, at the park on a long leash. 

Cody (Celhaus Uncharted Life Adventures CGC) at 1 year 3 months
“”A couple of Cody pics.”

Radar (Celhaus United We Stand) at 1 year 2 months

Nisa (Celhaus Unstoppable Nisa) at 1 year
“Celebrating Nisa’s first birthday!”

Beadie at 43 weeks
“Beadie has a new friend, Ivy, a tiny but very active Belgian Malinois.  They are super wild with matching energy so they play well together.  They go on walks Monday-Wednesday, each on a prong collar, both of which has really helped in reducing Beadie’s excitement when she sees other dogs on walks.  Mark, the dog walker, has been an absolute angel in bringing Ivy by to play with Beadie and work on her obedience to commands when she is around other dogs.  She is holding steady at 65 pounds.”