UU Litter

UU Litter

whelped January 25, 2021:  3 bicolor or black & tan males, 1 black male, 2 black females & 1 bicolor female
Mercy bred to Cantor
UU litter background information
UU litter pedigree
Mr. Blue (now “Radar”) & Miss Pink (now “Jazz”) went to Gillette, WY, to be trained for police work (no call names chosen yet).  Miss Yellow (now “Nisa”) went to Portland to do agility.  Miss Purple (now “Beadie”) went to Colorado to do agility and nosework.  Mr. Green (now “Marshall”) and Mr. White (now “Cody”) went to Colorado to be pets.  Mr. Red (now “Ursa”) went to SW Wyoming as a pet.

Beadie and Ursa attended the Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar here in June.  See them.

Nisa (Celhaus Unstoppable Nisa) at 25 weeks
the former Miss Yellow

“Nisa’s first trip to the beach.  She is now 48# at 6 months.  She is very sweet.”

Beadie (Celhaus Ultimav Udo) at 9 weeks
the former Miss Purple
Name Story:  “Ultimav Udo – which depending on what your web search returns for what these two words mean in German – it’s either ultimate power of the wolf or ultimate power of the home.  We do not doubt she will live up to both names.  Her call name is “Beadie”, which derived from a character in the HBO series The Wire, which takes the viewer through the complicated nature of the drug trade and the politics that come into play from the streets, to the police force, to the actual politicians.  In the second season of The Wire, a port authority officer, Beadie Russell, uncovers a shipping can with a hidden compartment carrying thirteen dead women who were being trafficked.  Dark, I know, but stay with me!  Beadie, who was essentially a patrol officer, develops into a savvy detective who assists a talented team of police in solving the case.  We had the name picked out before meeting any of the pups in the event we went home with a girl. We feel like the name couldn’t be anymore appropriate due to her response to the cadaver test.  Is it too aggressive to claim kismet?  We don’t think so.”

“Hey Cel – I hope you are well!  I cannot believe the nose work seminar is almost here, Beadie will be very excited to revisit her idyllic early rearing.   I wanted to get you an update on Beadie.  About a month ago we had a break through with my cousin’s dog, Benny, a sweet golden who she began playing with instead of freaking out and barking at him.  Once she figured out she could play with him she tuckered the poop pup out, who is almost a year old.  But, she has been so excited once she realized she could play with dogs that she would try to run up to every dog she saw on walks and would get anxious when she wasn’t able to greet the dogs.  So, we have been working with her on treating when she has calm reactions to dogs across the street, or behind a fence.  We are slowly getting there.  She is certainly willful!  We have had two weeks of Basic Manners from Dennis Champagne (http://densdogtraining.com/dennis-champagne/).  Beadie has one other classmate, a very sweet Catahoula Leopard dog.  Beadie, again wanting to play with all the dogs she sees, takes about 15 minutes to calm down and focus because she just wants to puppy wrestle.  Once she does calm down she is quickly able to pick up tasks after 3-5 times of repeating the command.  Very smart.  We told Dennis that Beadie is opening doors (which has been another surprise in our household – no door is safe unless locked – including the bathroom) he laughed and said, ‘She’s too smart for her own good.’  Other milestones: house broken in 3.5 weeks; knows: sit, stay (but not for very long), wait, come, paw, other paw, touch, side, with me, and look at me.  She is also growing like a weed, and gained 5 lbs in 1 week; she is ~40 lbs right now but still very slim because she is just a ball of energy. We have been using the target table, but getting her to stay for very long on it while we back away has been slowly progressing.  A few photos for you.  See you next week!”

Ursa (Celhaus Ursa Minor) at 21 weeks
the former Mr. Red
“Here he is sitting by the trailside in Sinks Canyon. He is so smart and sweet, such a good pup!  He has really been showing more ball drive the last few weeks, loves the Chuck-It flying squirrel too.“

Ursa at 18 weeks
“The photos of the green grass and Ursa in the river were from our trip to the nosework seminar.”

Ursa at 16 weeks
“The photos of the green grass and Ursa in the river were from our trip to the nosework seminar.”

Radar (Celhaus United We Stand) at 15 weeks
the former Mr. Blue

Cody (Celhaus Uncharted Life Adventures) at 23 weeks
the former Mr. White
“He is doing good.  Still learns fast and is asserting himself on the labs (Cody went to live with two labs).  He is super good with people but barks a lot near other dogs, which we are working on in class.  57.5 pounds.”

Cody at 19 weeks

Cody at 14 weeks
“Ears are up!  Been a while.  We had another play date with Lucy/Marshal/Seemie which went better than last.  Everyone got along well this time.  Also had a play date with Janosch/Sarai/Claudia (long hair German Shepherds).  Janosch is a male about a year old and Sarai is female about 17 months.)  Second training class today and Linda asked if we want to attend a second class on Wednesdays for free.  Mainly since the other dog is a German Shepherd and the class isn’t full.  We will attend to see how it goes.  Extra puppy interaction will be good.”

Nisa at 20 weeks
“Priya’s birthday, getting Nisa used to the paddle board.  She’s not yet ready to go out and about on the lake.  We need to get a life vest and do more work on getting her more relaxed on it.”

Nisa at 17 weeks
Photo 1:  “Priya and Nisa are doing well.  They have been working hard on loose leash walking and just attempted practicing in a higher-distraction area – walking on the outer perimeter of our local park with kids, sports, dog park and all sort of other craziness.  Leash training has been going better than with Mara and Coda at this stage – maybe we are more experienced now and also Nisa doesn’t seem to be driven to be out front as much as Mara was.  She is still curious and excited and engaged, but is happy to let us take the lead.”
Photos 2 & 3:  “We went up to Mt. Hood to enjoy the last remnants of snow and to socialize with skiers snowboarding, etc., and all their scary looking gear.  She got to meet the Timberline Lodge mascot, Bruno, and have an impromptu play date.”

Nisa at 14 weeks
“Happy Mother’s Day from Nisa”

Marshal (Celhaus Ursus the Mighty Xavier) at 21 weeks
the former Mr. Green

Photos 1-2:  “Marshal at the last class of a six-week puppy kindergarten class at Blue Springs in Katydid.  I got to tell the trainers at Marshal’s class a little bit more about you today.  He was sitting so politely, for attention, toward one of them after class, while we were talking.  They both were impressed by this, so I told them about you.  These ribbons are from class!  These photos were taken at home of course.”
Photos 3-4:  “My eight-year-old niece, Sinclair, on her first walk with Marshal.”

Marshal at 18 weeks
Photos 1&2:  I’ve been meaning to text you about last week’s puppy class:
1) One of the trainers who was working the front desk told me at the end of class that she had observed us. She remarked upon Marshal’s excellent temperament and focus, and complimented me on how I work with him as well.
2) They did a recall exercise at the end of class. We were out of sight, and around the way. The puppies had to come down a hallway into the main training area, and find us by voice recall. We were the last to go. Marshal killed it! He came right to me!
Oh! And some folks at the pet store were in awe of Marshal’s temperament and good looks. I didn’t realize they had been observing him and me picking out toys. He ended up sitting alertly and was quite patient while I showed him a few different Nerf Dog summer toys, and he did definitely pick one! Anyway, those people had 2 beagle puppies of the same age as Marshal. They said that they could not bring them out, that their puppies were nowhere close to acting with the kind of manners Marshal was showing.
Playing in the rain on Sunday.  It rained a lot this weekend!!  I let Marshal play in the sandbox, in the rain.  He’s been loving the sandbox this week.”
Photos 3 & 4:  “They introduced agility in puppy class today.  He had so, so much fun!  is enjoyment made my heart happy.  He was very confident and athletic.  All of your work as well as what he does here at home has obviously given him a head start.  So awesome to see!”
Photo 5:  “They crashed out pretty much immediately after playing in the sandbox just now.  I hadn’t finished wiping Marshal’s nose off, but had to take this cute shot!  He sure loves his Lucy!”
Photo 6:  “Late last night, I discovered that a two-headed dog had materialized upon my small couch!  I named the beast Lushal (Lucy and Marshal combined).”

Marshal at 15 weeks
Photo 1:  “Tonight’s puppy class.  I think I have the most handsome pup.”
Photo 2:  “I would caption this one, ‘Whoever said ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ clearly never had a German Shepherd nor a great pair of black boots!”
Photo 3:  “Another shot at puppy class.”
Photo 4:  “Here’s a fun edit of that last shot:  Marshal, 15 weeks, beaming away at puppy class.”
Photo 5:  “Waiting forever in the drive-through lane this evening at Starbuck’s.”
Photo 6:  “We had time on our hands/paws in the drive-through.”

Marshal at 14 weeks
“Happy Mother’s Day from Marshal.  The idea was to take cute photos of him with roses and to send you for Mother’s Day.  Not what I was aiming for, but he sure is cute!  I tried!  I gave up and moved on to other things.”