Berakah (Celhaus Berakah TDInc.)

Berakah, pronounced “ber ah KAH”, is the Hebrew word for “blessing.”

Berakah is a member of the B Litter (Chaos x Joyful), whelped November 28, 2008

She is a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Be sure to see the photos of her at the nursing homes at 5 weeks of age!

CERF:  GS-1495/2011

OFA Elbows:  GS-EL25235F24-VPI

OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH477/24F-VPI

OFA Degenerative Myelopathy:  GS-DM467/17F-PI-CAR

TLI Test normal at 24 months (free of EPI – Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)

Berakah received PennHip rating of 80th Percentile

CHIC (Canine Health Information  Center) DNA Repository:  GS-DNA-358/S

She began trialing in Nose Work in May 2014.  She has her PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4 & PT5 titles (Pre-Test), which must be passed before competing for real titles.  She also earned her UN1 title.  To get the UN1, she had to get her Novice Exterior,  Novice Interior, Novice Container and Novice Vehicle titles.  She did all of this in May & June 2014, qualifying every time she competed.  I’m very proud of my girl and how she has done in this brand-new competitive sport.  Since then she has earned Advanced Exterior, Advanced Interior and Advanced Container titles.


Berakah began trialing in NADAC Agility May 2011.  She LOVES competition and already has her Novice Chances, Hoopers, Jumpers, Regular & Tunnelers titles.  She needs only 1 more Q for her Outstanding Novice Regular title.  She has her great-grandmother Glory’s sense of humor and often exercises it during a course, which gives us spectacular runs which may or may not qualify depending on what she does–but we always have fun.

Be sure to see Berakah’s page of agility competition and training photos!  And nose work photos, too!!!

I’m now doing PennHip x-rays when my dogs are 1 year old as the preliminary certification of hips on my breeding prospects.  The PennHip method, developed by veterinarians at the University of Pennsylvania vet school, tests joint laxity as an indicator and gives a reading for each hip.  Those readings are then compared to the readings on all the dogs of that breed that PennHip has evaluated (updated every six months), and a percentile rating is assigned.  Berakah’s rating means her hips are better than 80% of the GSD’s that have been evaluated by PennHip.  If you’re unfamiliar with PennHip, you can learn more on their website,

At 2 years of age, OFA did not like Berakah’s hips so she didn’t get her OFA number.  No one understands why she could score so high on PennHip and then flunk OFA, but it reinforces my decision to use both evaluation systems in my effort to produce dogs with the best hips possible.

Berakah came down with pannus, a multi-recessive eye condition which is triggered by ultraviolet light (of which we have a lot in our sunny high altitudes), so I spayed her.

Berakah at 25 months (December 2010)

at 18 weeks

See Berakah’s agility training & competition photos


Temperament Test Results (She was Miss Red)