Joyful Puppies

W Litter (sired by Mem’ry, whelped April 21, 2006)
BB Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/28/08)
I kept Celhaus Berakah (call name Berakah, which is Hebrew for “blessing”), from the BB litter.  Don’t miss the photos of her as a therapy dog!
DD Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/3/09)


Annie (Celhaus Bonnie Ann) at 9 years 3 months, with nephew Kairos (Celhaus Hoffnung), 3 years 5 months

Sadly, Annie passed away in December 2017, shortly after this photo, of a fast-moving, very aggressive cancer.  She was a GREAT dog and is greatly missed.


Denali (Celhaus Denali) at 8 years

I can’t believe Denali is already eight years old! Time flies, but still having fun…  The snow makes it like winter. Denali says she doesn’t mind it!  The snow is headed your way. Take care.  Michele


Lakota (Celhaus Dreamcatcher) at 7 years 6 months
Not much to report, all is well. Lakotah is happy & healthy! The first picture I took last November for her SEVENTH birthday!
The second picture is her doing her therapy dog thing with the 4-H kids for their fair.


Tao (Celhaus Delightful Tao) at 7 years 7 months

Tao at 7 years 5 months


Tao at 6 years 3 months



Rio (Celhaus Warrior) died in May 2017.  His family called to let me know and then sent photos from the last two years with a moving tribute to what he meant to them.

I wanted to write to let you know that we lost my beloved Rio on Tuesday evening.  A year ago he had what I thought was a neurological seizure or something which affected his ability to stand for around 10 mins. We took him to the vet (Dr Paul Wollenman who is also from Big Horn but travels to Palm Beach for the winters, who has seen him since he was a pup). He said his hips were PERFECT and was super surprised being a shepherd how good they looked. His spine however had 7 discs missing and was showing calcifications along the back half of the spine. We had him on supplements and anti inflammatories and he did great. The last couple of months his back end declined and the last week he struggled to get up. We had a vet who was highly recommended come to see him at the house and he performed some chiropractic manipulation on him to see if it would work but he was unable to get up by himself and when we managed to get him outside he urinated and pooped all over himself a couple of times. He was miserable and I owed my majestic friend to much to have him go through life like that. I made the hardest decision I’ve made in my 40years and it was for him to cross the rainbow bridge to run free with his family that is already there.  I miss him terribly and so do the kids.   Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to own such an amazing intelligent dog who has protected my kids at all times and was such a loyal friend to me.  Rio & Kailen doing what they did best…… hanging out & loving on each other. When Kailen, who is the same age as Rio, was in the hospital having his appendix out, Rio was miserable for the 3 days he was gone.  
Love, Nicky


Kaycie (Celhaus Dara Deirbhile) at 6 years 10 months



Zoey (Celhaus Dabomb) at 6 years 10 months

Things have been well out here since we last spoke. Courtney, Colton, and Zoey have been staying busy and the family is about to relocate to Fort Worth, Texas, next month for my new job in the military. I’ve got to tell you, Zoey is a very well traveled dog between Wyoming, California, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and the coast-to-coast moves.


Devon (Celhaus Wyoming’s Devon) at 9 years 11 months

Devon had to retire from Search & Rescue due to an injury and turned his talents to making a movie.  He and one human were the only stars; the movie should be out next year.


Devon at 9 years 8 months


Gracie (Celhaus Bounding Grace) at 7 years 4 months





Annie (Celhaus Bonnie Ann) at 7 years, 2 months, doing rappelling training (Annie is a Search & Rescue dog)


Zoey (Celhaus Dabomb) at 5 years 7 months




 Annie (Celhaus Bonnie Ann) at 6 years 1 month, during Search & Rescue training with a helicopter


Love this photo of her kissing the Flight for Life instructor while he’s trying to explain things to Sabine!


Annie at 6 years 1 month, during Search & Rescue training 




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