LL Litter Photos

Mr. Gold went to Idaho for Search and Rescue, obedience, tracking & agility competition.  Mr. Red went to Missouri for obedience, tracking, barn hunt and rally competition.  Miss Rainbow went to a biologist in Alaska to search out wolverine lairs and bat nests for research. Miss Pink went to Montana as a pet and Mr. Green stayed in Sheridan as a pet.  Mr. White went to Yellowstone Park as a family pet and Search & Rescue dog.  Mr. Blue went to Casper as a pet.  I kept Miss Orange (now “Lovely”, see her page).

Bridger (Celhaus Lodestar Bridger) at 1 year 3 months
We got to do a three-day scent camp and had a blast! I’m not sure what he liked most, tracking, nosework or barn hunt. He really liked the rat in barn hunt and managed to get it in his mouth once. I don’t think the lid was on the tube correctly and the rat did survive; although it was questionable for a few seconds.

Bridger tracking

Bridger doing barn hunt

Bridger doing nosework


Otto D (Celhaus Lancelot Otto) at 1 year
Otto has been great. A fantastic companion to all, and fortunately 100% tolerant of everything our little special needs four-year-old girl throws at him (sometimes punching, kicking, pulling hair, yanking mouth/tongue). I take as much of my free time as possible with the dogs, and greatly enjoy our hikes and trail runs (as seen in most of our pictures), and also working on basic obedience at home and around the neighborhood.

Leo (Celhaus Leonidas) at 1 year 3 months
the former Mr. Gold
He’s doing great. He has such an awesome personality and just loves everyone (human and animal). I just took these photos as we eat a very late dinner outside. 


Gus (Celhaus LeBeau Gustavason, LeBeau means handsome man in French) at 1 year 3 months
the former Mr. Blue

Gus at 1 year 3 months (orange collar) with his “sister” Harlee (Celhaus Harlee Von Grimmelhausen) who is 3 years 1 month old

Gus at 1 year 2 months



I’ve never had anyone name one of my pups “Otto” but for some strange reason we now have TWO pups in this litter whose call names are “Otto”.  At least one is a sable and one is a bicolor so you shouldn’t get too confused keeping track of them.


  Pika (Celhaus Lively Pika) at 7 months
the former Miss Rainbow

Pika is doing fantastic.  We really are enjoying her and her bat scat detection training is going well.


Bridger (Celhaus Lodestar Bridger) at 7 months
the former Mr. Red

He’s doing fine.  Such a sweet boy.  The first picture was taken at a Heritage festival.  He saw people dressed in period pieces, booths and food stands and many kids.  Even gave one little girl a kiss on the cheek when we passed on a ramp.  The other pictures were taken at the GSD National Specialty near St. Louis.  It was a great socializing experience.  He saw rooms full of GSDs as well as their companion dogs.  We even watched the Protection portion of a Sieger show (I think).  It was also a longer trip for him as it takes about 2 hours to get there.  He loves to retrieve.  Will bring me balls, toys, and even bones to throw for him.

 I’m working on getting him to stop jumping on my lap.  He loves to get Hawk to chase him, then jumps on my lap for protection.  We are having some success as my bruises are fading.  Nothing like having a 70# dog launching onto your lap.  This has been a fairly recent behavior.  Don’t know if it’s because I can no longer pick him up and hold him on his back in my lap to love on him.  Poor boy!

 We are having success in letting me dremel his nails.  Not his most favorite thing but we are making strides.  Still needing to do it frequently and briefly with frequent treats.  He sees Hawk jump on my bed and lay down to get his feet done so he is a great example to follow.

 He follows me around even when I’m vacuuming, but at least he doesn’t attack the vacuum.  Bridger is a very special boy!



Hunter (Celhaus Le Hunter) at 26 weeks
the former Mr. Green

Hunter is just amazing!


Otto P (Celhaus Lead the Way Otto) at 21 weeks
the former Mr. Yellow
(I call him Otto P since his dad’s name is Paul.)

Something must be interesting.




Bridger (Celhaus Lodestar Bridger) at 16 weeks
the former Mr. Red

Attached is a picture of Bridger for his 4th of July celebration.   They got his picture on the first shot.  I was very  impressed for such a young pup.  He is doing so well.  Growing like a weed.

Tonight he passed his AKC Star Puppy class.   Next we head to advanced puppy class.  He never showed any hesitation or shyness in class.  Stays focused on me, but I think the treats do help, especially when other pups are barking.  He was fine over the 4th.  We are in the city limits so fireworks are not allowed; however, people around us shot them off.  He never batted an eye or flinched.

The vet is very impressed with him as he was with Remy.  They say they love ‘my’ shepherds because they behave well and are good representatives for the breed.

It has been horrendously hot and humid so we have had to curtail some of our activities, but are still getting out and about.  We went into an upscale pet store where they had a life-size statue of a bulldog.  He did approach it cautiously because that dog didn’t move or anything.  Once he checked it out, he decided it would not be a playmate so left it alone.  He is so much fun and smart, and I’m really enjoying him.  Thank you.  Deb


Pika (Celhaus Lively Pika) at 18 weeks
the former Miss Rainbow






Leo (Celhaus Leonidas) at 16 weeks
the former Mr. Gold

Leo’s great. What personality!


He is such a water dog.


In his favorite sleep position.


Lily (Celhaus Lily) at 15 weeks
Lily is the former Miss Pink


Her ear is good as new!  (Cel’s note:  Gunther accidentally slit her ear and it had to be glued.  That brought it down for a bit.)

Lily with Uncle Gunther (Celhaus Gunther), who is 3 years 1 month old


Walked into the living room and saw them cuddled up sleeping. Grabbed my phone to take and picture and they put their heads up. They are getting along great and play so well together!




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