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How I Raise My Puppies

First Time Alone, with Stranger, With Toys

To help you compare this first testing of drives with how the pups developed, I include the summary of who went where for what after the notes on each litter.
I illustrated four litters, including the latest.
This is one of the litters from which I kept a pup so you can, if you desire, follow how they grew up and, eventually, produce and compete.
Also see the temperament test results and Search & Rescue Test results.

JJ Litter (Soleil bred to Quasi, session done at 39 days)

Cathy came this afternoon to help me take individual photos and we took lots of notes. I took 530 photos so it will be a while before I get them edited and on the website. This was their first exposure to toys that make noise and to tennis balls. The order was whoever happened to be at the gate when I needed a pup, other than for ease in editing I wanted to do 2 sables, then a black and tan, two more sables, the other black and tan, and the last sable. These are our notes in order:

Mr. Red: Slow to engage, but when he did he played well. He really liked the cushion that was there for Cathy (and which is what I sit on when I bring them in to play), and tried to get all the toys there so he could play comfortably. Some front tooth bites but lots of deep ones, rating 7 (out of 10). Really, really liked the fox toy; also liked the palm tree and tennis ball. Had definite preferences on toys – played with some, refused others. Used his whole body in play and tug, and vocalized as he tugged–and when he felt Cathy was keeping him from coming to visit me. Liked to make the toys squeak. Attacked Cathy’s shoelaces. Gave some nice eye contact.

Mr. Sparkle: Started to play immediately but didn’t play for long. Instead he was insistent on coming to me and got mad when Cathy kept taking him away, though he would visit with her as she tried to change his mind. He liked the balls, played a little with fox and palm tree toys. He wanted the toy and didn’t want Cathy to have it, though he almost br1ought it to Cathy a couple of times like he has been doing to me. Pretty deep bites, rating 7.

Miss Purple: Deep bites with lots of shaking head and tugging hard, rating 9. Would stop to interact with Cathy, lots of kisses, then go back to playing. Very focused, used whole body, lots of intent (serious about play), pours whole self into ploy, as evidenced by the look on Cathy’s face in many of the photographs. She could change gears in an instant from playing intensely to throwing herself into Cathy’s arms for loving. She played with multiple toys and twice almost brought toys to Cathy, stopping just short of her hand. She wanted the toy, wanted to hold it, not for Cathy to have it.

Mr. Green: Slow to start playing, had to visit with Cathy first. A pup with intensity and thoughtfulness. Lots of action, lots of body on toys and while tugging. Liked the fox toy. Liked physical contact with Cathy, played with her. Fun vocalizing during play – tells stories (he’s a talker), very happy, did some play bowing to Cathy. Barked at the toys when they squeaked. Found the treats in Cathy’s pockets – twice! Rating – 9.

Miss Pink: Immediately began to play. Very intense, put lots of energy into play, vocalized while playing. Very hard tug, lots of body use, nearly all bites nice and deep – rating 9. Took several breaks to interact with Cathy and give lots of kisses. Chased the ball well but no retrieve; wanted to keep it. Played with a variety of toys. Found the treats in Cathy’s pockets. Really engaged with Cathy, enjoyed playing with her, took forever to even notice I was there. She is very serious about playing and used the whole area when tugging. Lots of eye contact while tugging, but she also did a lot of tugging facing away from Cathy – perhaps to use her body more effectively to possess her toy. She took several breaks from play to visit with Cathy, including a long one towards the end when she was finally tiring out.

Mr. White: Started playing immediately. Serious about play. Played with anything he could get his mouth on. Silent while playing. Lots of use of body in play and tug, lots of shake & kill. Rating – 10. Paused several times to visit with Cathy and give kisses. Brought her toys and ball. Found the treats in her pocket – got a whiff and carefully followed it to the pocket. He liked chewing on Cathy’s shoes and shoelaces.

Mr. Blue: Had to get acquainted before playing. LOTS of eye contact! Thoughtful. Quiet in play. Lots of action but not with the intensity of the others. Bites more exploratory than fight, in other words, using his mouth–a lot of mouth–as a sensory tool, to feel and taste and test the toy. Rating on tug/bite: 8.5, medium deep bite. Liked the fox. Played a long time, interspersed with visiting and eye contact with Cathy. Played with Cathy – very important to this pup. More attentive to Cathy than toys.

Mr. Blue went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue; Mr. Green stayed in Sheridan with Cathy for Search & Rescue; Mr. Sparkle went to Utah for Search & Rescue; Mr. Red went to northern Colorado for obedience, rally, herding, tracking, agility competition and therapy dog work; Mr. White went to Montana as a pet. I kept Miss Purple (my Mercy). Miss Pink stayed here and is a service dog plus competes in nose work and agility.

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