JJ Litter

JJ Litter in their Homes

Mr. Blue went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue; Mr. Green stayed here in Sheridan to train for Search & Rescue; Mr. Sparkle went to Utah for Search & Rescue; Mr. Red went to northern Colorado for obedience, herding, tracking and agility competition and to be a therapy dog; and I kept Miss Purple (Celhaus Jubilee Year of Mercy) for breeding, nose work and agility competition and therapy dog work.  See Mercy’s page.

Miss Pink (Jamboree) is co-owned with a friend and is training for competition in agility and nosework AND as a backup service dog for her.  See Jamboree’s page.

Loki (Celhaus Jaeger Loki Hull) at 1 year
The former Mr. White


I believe Loki has a thing about BIG sticks.  Either that or they don’t take photos of him doing anything else.

Loki at 10 months


Loki at 8 months



Ruger (Celhaus Justice Ruger) at 1 year



Jamboree (Celhaus Jamboree to Celebrate Life) at 11 months


Charis (Celhaus Johann) at 10 months

It’s time for a catch up. Charis is doing fine, though he is in the doghouse (figuratively) today. He tore up part of the carpet this morning. I guess we’ll be crating a while longer when we’re gone! He got a talking to & a very stern LEAVE IT! He’s such an awesome kid, I still love him. I’m in the process of getting his permanent listing with UKC. They required photos, so I thought you might like this one. We’re entered in a nosework trial in January in Albuquerque. Five of us from our nosework group are going down together. It should be fun to hang together & cheer each other on.. Together we make up about half their entries!


Charis did his ORT (Odor Recognition Test, required preliminary for nosework competition) today, was 3 for 3, & made it look easy.  Clove was first, arranged in 2 rows of 6. I let him choose which row he wanted to start on. It was in the 3rd box on the left. He went straight to it  & gave me a strong indication. I took another step, but he said, “No, this is it”. So I called it & he was right.  Anise was arranged in 3 rows of 4. He started between the 2 rows to the left. & slightly indicated one of the boxes. I went between the 2 rows on the right, did a front cross so he could work the 3rd row. He started down the 3rd row, sniffed about 2 boxes then cut back across the grid to the box he indicated earlier & gave me strong eye contact. He was right.  Birch was 2 rows again. He found that easily too.  So proud of my baby boy! And we got many comments on what a handsome boy he is.

PS  He works clear at the end of the long line, well away from me, & almost totally on his own. He’s very confident.

Connor (Celhaus Jeremiah Connor) at 1 year



enjoying Santa’s gift


Connor at 10 months
The newest thing in weird yard ornaments.


Cuddling during the football game. His expression seems to say, “This is MY Dad, and you can’t have him.”


Riker (Celhaus Jeghbe’ tlh Inganpu, means “Never Quit”, from Startrek) at 37 weeks

Training is going good.  Hopefully we can work something out when I swing through this winter so you can see him in action.

His progress in trailing is amazing.  His confidence is growing in his trails.  By now he fully understands the game and has the confidence to hold to trail even if I’m thinking it’s somewhere else.  Something I am really happy to see at this age.  He has been introduced to night trailing, a variety of different terrain, trailing in highly contaminated urban park settings, animal distractions in the form of ducks, and a subject hidden up high (in a tree).  He smoked all of these trails except the duck distraction.  He wanted to go swim with the ducks.  We’ll work on that.

With cadaver, he’s doing very well at the stage that he is in.  He shows no aversion to the scent at all.  I’m still working with nose-to source with him.  Solidifying that final alert.  I am impressed with how fast he picks up things.

He’s fully in the adolescent stage now, hard to wear him these days.  A good trail is about the only thing that does it.  Trying to get him to sit still long enough to clip toenails becomes a challenging little exercise.  He’s a very busy boy.



Teaching him swimming was kind of fun.  My older dog was restricted from swimming this summer until recently, medical reasons.  Up till then Riker was all about splashing in the shallows but showed no real interest in anything more than that.  Once Kira had healed up, I took them both to the lake and started throwing sticks in for Kira to swim to.  Riker sat down and watched her swim out about 3 times, just studying her.  Then he got up, chased the next one out, started swimming, and he’s been swimming ever since.  I didn’t even have to get wet!


Cel’s note:  I love this photo!


Ruger (Celhaus Justice Ruger) at 37 weeks at a Search & Rescue training seminar

This is a cadaver introduction technique.  The Bowl game.  There are holes in the bottom of the bowl and it is sitting on top of a source.  The dog only gets rewarded when their nose is in the bowl.  It reinforces nose-to-source.wjj37wks_ruger3



at 34 weeks

“He is an impressive dog, we are still trying to find the off switch but he been a good dog and he really loves to work.  He very powerful and only has one speed and that full throttle.”  Ruger is in training for Search & Rescue.






Charis (Celhaus Johan  PTN NC NV) at 30 weeks

Greetings from Cathy & Celhaus Johann UKC PTN, NC, NV!  In other words, we had a GREAT first ever competition. Charis did his PT on Saturday effortlessly.  He got a 3rd place in his vehicle search (he probably would have done even better, but he was momentarily distracted by a nearby horse); & he rocked his container search with a first place. Today he got a 2nd in containers – lost out by about 2 seconds to my friend Donna’s awesome Rottie, Sinjin (Charis found it in 8.41 seconds). But he got a 1st in vehicles with 32.12 seconds. There were about 15 novice dogs entered & Charis was one of, if not THE, youngest dog entered.   People can’t believe he is only 6 months old, he does so well.  I wish now I had entered interiors & exteriors, but I had no idea what we were getting into. Needless to say, I am VERY proud of my baby boy!

Here are the pictures of Charis’ triumphant first trial, day 1 & day 2. He looks so grown up already. His baby puppy stage just flew by.  He & his brothers got ice cream cones night (small, vanilla, from DQ). It’s a tradition we have whenever one of them gets a title.
Hugs, Cathy & the boys



Charis at 28 weeks

Charis & I attended our first nosework competition today (fun match). He did great…me, not so much; but it was a great learning experience. Several of the people there wanted me to be sure to tell you how awesome they think Charis is. If they wanted a GSD, they would want one just like him. Next weekend we are entered in our first real trial.  Here he is doing an interior search.   The hide was under the rolled top edge of the bucket.


Charis (Celhaus Johann) at 24 weeks
the former “Mr. Red”

I thought you might like this picture of Charis living well at a massage practicum taught by Joann Lang. He is with one of the students. Spoiled?  Nah!


Charis at 23 weeks

Hard to believe the JJ litter is 5 months old already! Charis is growing like a weed & spitting out teeth like there’s no tomorrow. I found some blood on Ruger’s neck after a play session, so I checked him out carefully. No injury – Charis lost one of his baby canines biting him. Charis is not big on retrieving. He’d much rather let the big boys run after the ball, wait, & ambush them as they return. If I get him out alone, he’s still not interested in bringing a toy back or even going out to pick it up. For your weight chart, he is 59 pounds on his 5 month birthday. He has the cutest cowlicks on either side of his neck where the hair growing different directions meets. It makes a complete pinwheel. I’ll try to get a picture soon.



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