Joyful Agility Photos

Joyful’s Agility Competition Photos

photos by DeMaine Image


Joyful was a slow but always honest and willing agility competition dog whose titles include Superior Novice Chances, Open Chances, 1 Elite Chances leg, Superior Novice Hoopers, Open Hoopers, Superior Novice Jumpers, 2 Open Jumpers legs, Superior Novice Regular, Open Regular, Elite Regular, Superior Novice TouchNGo, Open TouchNGo, Superior Novice Tunnelers, Open Tunnelers, Outstanding Novice Weavers and 2 legs towards Superior Novice Weavers. All of this was accomplished in limited showing in between heat cycles and motherhood and because I’m alone and have no one to care for the dogs left behind, so I must drive back and forth to the trial each day. Unfortunately, DeMaine Images didn’t cover the spring 2011 agility trials where Joyful was competing in Elite, and doing very well.  I sure wish I had some competition photos from those, since I lost her to a heart attack  in June 2011, just after all the spring trials–four weekends worth.  I miss her so terribly.














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