Hesed vom Spartanville at Celhaus
whelped 1/30/15


Mother of the OO and VV litters
OFA Hips GOOD:  GS-96739G25F-VPI
OFA elbows normal:  GS-EL35658F25-VPI
PennHip at 1 year:  .31 left; .33 right
(PennHip no longer gives percentile ratings unless in their excellent range, below .30)
DM (Spinal Myelopathy) free:  GS-DM7515/32F-PI
OFA Eyes:  GS-EYE363/40F-VPI
OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA1681/26F-VPI
OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH802-47F-VPI (2018)


see Hesed at 5 years 1 month
See Hesed at 5 years 7 months

Hesed is a homozygous sable, which means she will only produce sables (since sable is the dominant coat pattern in GSDs). She carries the long coat recessive.  Hesed is the mother of the OO litter and the VV litter.

UKC Nosework titles:  PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE
see favorite photos from birth and most recent photos at 26 months

Many thanks to Constance Krebs of Spartanville Kennels, for this gorgeous girl

Sire:  V Ajax vom Brandsteig BH, SchH3, AD, Kkl2, hips “a” normal, HDZW = 75, DM clear

from Connie’s website:

Ajax is inbred on one of the best of the old DDR (East German) dogs, V Alf vom Kornersee 3-5.  Some of the greatest DDR dogs of all times appear in Ajax’s pedigree.  On the top side are Iran Tannenkrug, Confor vd Tonteichen, Neuman’s Jim, Zorro v Laager Wall, Don v Rolandreich, Quindt v Basruther Land.  On the bootom side are Meggy Gleisdreick, Mingo Rummelplatz, Lord v Gleisdreieck, Brando vd Marderklaus and Tapsi Parxhimer Land.

Koer report:  Medium size, medium strength, very good pigmentation.  Normal structure and normal bone substance, flat withers, straight back, short croup, normal chest depth, straight front.  Short forearm, good angulated hindquarters, sufficient powerful gait in easy bounding increments.  Sound temperament, TSB pronounced, lets out.

Dam: Yzett Gymor CS ZVV1, 5JV1/P Kkl1 Hips 0/0, elbows 9/0.  DM clear

from Connie’s website:

Yzett is a true black sable from the Gymor Kennel in the Czech Republic.  Her sire is Quino Chmelovy kvitek CS, and her dam is Irra z Breziny CS.  On the top side of her pedigree she has some of the top Czech producers from the Gymor kennel, and on the bottom side she has a combination of East and West German blood.  Yzett is medium sized, correct in working structure and has a gorgeous expression.  Her nerve and temperament are second to none.  She displays exceptional self-confidence and her energy for work and play seems endless.  She is proven in the work as well as in production.

from e-mails by Connie:

Yzett is a gorgeous little girl….one of the prettiest I have.  She is more driven than any of my girls.  Her retrieve is fabulous and never ending.  Hunt drive is good, as well.  She loves protection work and is good at it.  She is an excellent swimmer, too.  She is good in the house…no mistakes at all.  As driven as she is outside, that is how nice she is inside.  I really like/love her a lot!

Your little girl stood out in the crowd.  Everyone liked her a lot.  She was so outgoing and confident with everyone that came here.  She was tugging, playing stick/ball with all, as were all of them, but she is a beautiful little sweetheart!!  You are going to be very happy with her.

We were to the vet today.  My vet says he has not seen a GSD puppy as nice as yours in a long time…he says…she is perfect in every way!  This vet is not a GSD fan, but he loved her 🙂  That made me very happy.   It seems like I hit a home run with Yzett…gosh…I love her and how she has produced for me in this litter.

Hesed’s dad, Ajax

Hesed’s mom, Yzett