Hesed Puppies

Hesed Puppies
OO & VV Litters
bred to Cantor
OO litter whelped 8/22/18:  2 males and 2 females, all black sables
Mr. Blue (Titus) went to Utah for Search and Rescue. Mr. Green (Finley) stayed close in Wyoming as a pet. Miss Pink (Leidy) went to northwest Wyoming for Search & Rescue. Miss Purple (Pilot) went to the Spokane area for competition in a variety of venues: tracking, nosework, agility, herding and maybe more.
to OO litter police/narcotics temperament test results
to OO litter Search & Rescue test results
to OO litter background information
VV Litter whelped 10/26/21:  3 females and 1 male, all black sables
background information
VV litter Temperament Test Results
Mr. Blue (now “Dancer”) went to a friend in Spokane who has his sister, Pilot, from the OO litter.  He, too, will compete in all kinds of venues.  Miss Green (now Solo) went to southern Utah for Search and Rescue.  My friend and training partner, Laurie, took Miss Purple (now “Veda”) to train her as a service dog. 
See Veda’s service dog training log.  We will eventually place her like we did Talon from the TT litter.  I publish Veda’s training log on the website as Laurie sends it to me. 
I kept Miss Pink for breeding and competition.  Her call name is “Varoom!!” 
When the pups finally hit the ground and were healthy, I mentioned in an email that I had been afraid to jinx things by working on possible names.  Several friends sent some great names, including Pat, who sent “Varoom!!”  Her registered name is “Celhaus Victory Against All Odds.”
See Varoom!’s page.
See her visiting the Alzheimer’s Unit at 10 weeks old.
See her at 13 weeks, playing with seven-month-old Justice.

Pilot (Celhaus Olabisi Isolde CGC TKN TD) at 4 years 5 months
Pilot’s Name story: Olabisi is Egyptian, meaning brings joy; Isolde is Gaelic, meaning brat)
“She is going on the training club wall for her CD.  I love this picture of her.”

Veda (Celhaus Vivacious) at 1 year 4 months
Photos 1-2:  “The weather (heavy snow/intense cold) has kept us home, so the only photos I have are of Veda working with a 4H youth handler on 2/26-23.  They were practicing loose-lead walking and New Rally obedience signs.”
Photo 3: 
“Beautiful day to play in all the snow.  I just got the gate to the dog yard open today. Veda was the only one to figure out she could go up and over the 5’ fence that is buried under the snow, and proudly posed to have her picture taken afterwards.  Silly girl!”

Leidy (Celhaus Odina Leidy) at 4 years 3 months
Name story: Odina is Native American for mountain; Leidy is a mountain of which Tammy has particularly fond memories.
“Leidy enjoying the snow.”

Leidy at 3 years 11 months
“Leidy enjoying the water.”

Leidy at 3 years 10 months

Titus (Celhaus Octavius Titus CGC) at 4 years 3 months
Titus got an OFA Excellent hip rating!!!  Congratulations!  He passed all his other health screenings (OFA elbows, OFA cardiac, OFA eyes, OFA thyroid, and is also free of vonWillebrand’s/hemophilia).  He has the following SAR certifications through Tri-State K9 Search & Rescue: Wilderness Live Find Area, Cadaver 1 and Cadaver 2.  He also has his AKC Canine Good Citizen title. 
Lovely was bred to Titus.  The XX litter was whelped July 11th, 2022.
Name story: Octavius, was the family masculine name is Gaius Octavius, who became known as Cesar Augustus of Rome the name means Magnificent or Majestic. He was known as a great tactician, philosopher, and statesman who brought Rome out of Civil war following the death of Julius Cesar and into a golden age for the empire know as the Pax Romana (Roman Peace). Since we learned that trying to call any two dogs with an O name is just bringing them both to us we liked Titus who was another Roman Emperor and his name means depending on culture, pleasing, saved, of the giants (He has big paws). We felt a call name of Titus sounds nothing like Oakley and matches his personality he loves to please and work hard with a smile on his face.
12/1/22: Photos 1-3: “Titus recertified in Cadaver 1 this past weekend.”
Photo 4:  “”This final photo was taken a couple of months ago before it got really cold outside.”

Titus at 3 years 8 months

Titus at 3 years 5 months

Titus at 2 years 1 month
9/23/20:  “I just wanted to update you on Titus.  He has completed his CGC, Tri-State 40 Acre, and this past weekend he completed his Tri-State 120 acre live find certification and his Cadaver 1 certifications making him and Angela the newest mission-ready Wilderness Search & Rescue team with Great Basin K9 Search and Rescue!  I am so proud of those two, and thankful for you bringing Titus into our lives!”

Solo (Celhaus Venture Solo) at 1 year 1 month
Solo is training for Search & Rescue.  Their house burned down shortly after they got Shiloh.  They are rebuilding it.
10/26: “Solo is doing great!  She is completely integrated into our home.  We are rebuilding the house and I just broke my arm, so her SAR training has been post-posted but still in the plans.  She is the best!”
11/26: “Solo is doing famously!  Obviously with house rebuild, training has been slower than I want, but it is fine.  We have all the foundations in place like the drives and box work.  She is a gem!! Perfect for us!  Rebuild is slow, too, but progressing.  Laying the foundations this week.”

Pilot (Celhaus Olabisi Isolde CGC TKN TD) at 4 years 3 months with her
full, younger brother Dancer (Celhaus Vespasian Isildur Sundancer), 1 year old
Pilot’s Name story: Olabisi is Egyptian, meaning brings joy; Isolde is Gaelic, meaning brat)
Dancer’s Name Story: Isildur means “devoted to the moon” and is a word from Tolkien. 
10/26/22:  “Just got back from tracking.  The last time we went out was June 22.  Pilot’s track was awesome.  Since it was the first one in a long time, it was only about 500 yards and about 2 hours. But it was through tall thick grasses and she never faltered.  She was right on the track.  Found the glove.  Dancer’s track was so good.  It was just an L and he went past the corner, realized he ran out of scent, and he found the next leg all on his own!!!  So proud of him.  All in all, great day at tracking.  I’m still on cloud 9 at how well both Pilot & Dancer did!!!  A friend went tracking with us and she hasn’t seen Dancer in a while.  When I brought him out, she went ohhhhh, he’s huge.  He’s so much bigger than Pilot!!  And they look just alike.  All true!!!”  His legs are like cedar trees!!! And his head is also much bigger than hers. I know that’s because he is a male, but it still amazes me. When he is on a sit/wait and I’m walking around him he is sitting so straight and tall. He is so handsome right then. 
7/17/22:  “Just a brag.  Last weekend (July 9-10) in only her second AKC trial, Pilot got her JWW novice title.  The judge came up to me as we were leaving the ring and said how much she liked my dog.  Said she was a beautiful Shepherd and even though we didn’t get a Q in standard (so close, my fault) she thought she was going to be fabulous. So in tune with me in the ring.” 
Photo:  “Can you say they look alike?”

Finley (Celhaus Onyx) at 3 years 7-10 months
“Fin and I were out on our usual lunch walk, and we passed another gal with a dog. Fin and her puppy made quick friends. She thought Fin was amazing, and had to just love on him (which of course, Fin had no issues returning the favor and promptly washed her face with his giant tongue). When she asked his name, I obviously told her “Fin”. She immediately replied, “you mean like the famous, magic Finn on Britain’s Got Talent.” I laughed and told her I had not seen it. She told me I had to watch these videos of Finn, another German Shepherd who happens to have recently been on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent.  Well, we watched them, and of course we loved them. Just another reason why German Shepherds are the best.  I’ve listed 2 links to 2 different YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/VqnAD_8pna0 and https://youtu.be/Vv3WlP7xYdU.”
Finley’s family spends a lot of time in the mountains.
Photos 1-2 are at Lake Angeline
Photo 3 is at Clear Creek
Photo 5 is at Brown Bear Lake
Photos 8-9 are at Bud Love

Finley at 3 years 5 months
Photos 1-2:  “Some of my favorite photos are Gannett and Finley at the Story Fish Hatchery. Gannett and Finley just love feeding all the fish together.  I say this every time…but I couldn’t be more proud of our Fin-bear. He’s such an amazing pup. Gannett is at a good age now, where he and Fin are best buds, especially when they’re together on an adventure outside. Can’t wait for this summer to get our pack of 5 (Finley, Gannett, Owen plus Katie and me) up into the mountains some more!”
Photo 3: “Here’s a picture of Finley after his usual battle with the snowblower. He does a great job of keeping everyone “safe” from it.”

Finley at 3 years 4 months
Photos 1-2:  “Ice fishing at Lake DeSmet.”
Photos 3-5:  “Here are a few pictures of Finley with his new baby sister, Owen. “
Photo 6:  “With Gannet’s toys.”

Veda (Celhaus Vivacious) at 8 months
the former Miss Purple
See Veda’s service dog training log.
“Public access visit:  riding uncrated in the car; practicing long down stay.