Celhaus Victory Against All Odds
whelped 10/26/21

See Varoom! at 18 months (April 22, 2023)

I am extremely grateful to Whelpwise (Perinatal Veterinary Specialties,, a canine pregnancy support group.  Without them, I am convinced – and so are my vets – that Hesed would have lost this litter like she did the litter a year ago.  Many of you know that I have tried for 25 years to incorporate the bloodlines from behind the Iron Curtain into my line because the ones who survived those terrible living conditions usually had very strong immune systems, and I am always trying to improve the health in my line.  This was my third, and last attempt.  I am beyond grateful to have a chance to keep a female from this litter.

 When the pups finally hit the ground and were healthy, I mentioned in an email that I had been afraid to jinx things by working on possible names.  Several friends sent some great names, including Pat, who sent “Varoom!!”  I really liked that name and it DOES fit my girl!

See Varoom! at 10 weeks, visiting the Alzheimer’s Unit
See Varoom! at 13 weeks, playing here
See Varoom! at 13 weeks, playing with seven-month-old Justice
See Varoom! at 13 weeks on a puppy playdate at Denise’s
See Varoom!’s temperament test results


2 days old

8 days old

14 days old

27 days old

32 days old, first visit off my place

36 days old, at the Alzheimer’s Unit

39 days old

44 days old, at Westview Healthcare Center

48 days, at Tongue River Elementary School
The kids who participate in Reading Dogs with my therapy dogs each Monday get a special treat – one Monday they get to play with my puppies

54 days, at the Temperament Test

57 days, at the Alzheimer’s Unit

58 days, at Westview

9 weeks

10 weeks, at the Alzheimer’s Unit

11 weeks

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