Ashi Pups & Grandpups

Ashi Puppies & Grandpuppies

Ashi is mother of the D, G & H litters (sired by Droll); the K litter (sired by Bavo) and the O, P & S litters (sired by Caz).  I kept Bunny from the H Litter and Joyful from the O Litter.

Ashi is also grandmother of the T, W, BB & DD Litters.  I kept Berakah from the BB litter.  The T litter was from Bunny’s litter sister, Dani, bred to Caz; the W Litter was from Joyful bred to Mem’ry.  The BB & DD Litters were from Joyful bred to Chaos.


Pepper (Celhaus Pepper Herndon) on his 12th birthday
Happy birthday, Pepper!!!!!!!!!!!



Bandit (Celhaus Solo Spirit) at 11 years

Our Bandit is 11!  I can’t believe it.  He is slowing down and really has arthritis in his front paw but he’s still my crazy boy full of surprises.  We walk daily and he is a food crazed machine!  Wanted to share his birthday photo with you!!


Tazz (Celhaus Tazzman) at 10 years 9 months


He loves to swim and retrieve his frizbee.  He is crazy about the water and a lucky boy.  He has all that water to himself in the summer.


Trip (Celhaus Talisman) at 10 years 6 months


Monte (Celhaus Pronto) at 10 years


Monty and Henry on a walk at the Manassas battlefield.  Look how Monty listens to him.
I tell everyone , my child is raised by Shepherds. They believe me.



Britta (Celhaus Kindle Britta)
Britta died in December 2015.  She is greatly missed.

Our sweet girl left us December 17th at 9:30 p.m. As you know, she was almost 13 and a half years old and the last of the “K” litter.  She never let any of her disabilities slow her down. As a matter of fact she was playing ball and gobbling up her food the day before she left. Late that evening it seemed she had a stroke of some type. She wasn’t able to hold herself up. We moved her to the “dog room” where we placed her on her bed and made up a bed for her “mommy”. She passed very quietly and peacefully later on with her mommy holding her paw and stroking her head. She was able to reach up and give her mommy a kiss before she left. A good bye kiss.  Thank you for allowing us to bring up Britta. She was such a sweet and silly girl. Not a mean or grumpy bone in her body. Just a sweetie. We couldn’t have asked for more. We miss her so.  With Love and with sadness- Laurie

Britta at 11 years 8 months

Hi, Grandma – Here is the best birthday present I could think of for you, my pretty picture taken just a few days ago.   Since I do not like getting my picture taken at all, mom really was pleased I posed.  I’m doing GREAT!  I still love to run around the big yard with my Jolly Ball, playing keep away.  Mom says I get a certain look on my face and prance around looking quite pleased with myself – and I am!!


Mara (Celhaus One and Only Mara) at 9 years 6 months
Mara died in August 2014 at the age of 10 years and 10 months.  She is greatly missed.

Finally, a long overdue email with an update and pictures of Mara.  In keeping with your theme of dogs babysitting, I wanted to send you a few of our favorite Mara babysitting photos.  We always joke that our daughter, Priya — who is 7.5 now, was raised by Mara.  If you could experience Priya and Mara together, you would be able to see it immediately.  They are quite the pair.  I will probably send the photos over a few emails since I’ve collected quite a few to send.

These pictures were from a trip we took to the beach in May of 2012, before we brought Priya’s brother home.  Priya and Mara have been
walking together ever since Priya learned to walk.


The second picture shows the eternal patience of Mara as she sat for hours  playing My Little Ponies, she’s a real trooper.


The last picture if of Mara chaperoning Priya’s first sleepover at our house,  also in the Spring of 2012.  She slept there, on the floor, next to the  girls all night.


Raising baby number 2, here is Mara with our son Rohin in the Spring of 2013.


Every summer we rent a beach house with 3 other families that went to pre-school with Priya, it’s so much fun.  All of these kids have grown up with Mara and just treat her as another playmate.  This picture is of one of the little brothers making himself home on Mara as he reads his book.


This picture is of Mara making sure all stayed under control during Priya’s 7th birthday in June 2013.  She had quite a big job keeping four seven year olds from getting into too much trouble.


The first picture is from a hike we went on just a few weeks ago, and the next two pictures are from yesterday.



Mara is definitely getting tired more easily than ever before but she is in really great shape.  We’ve had her check ups at the vet and she says that Mara has the body of a 5 year old.

Here’s a family picture from May of 2013 and a picture of one of our favorite Mara poses, when she plays with logs.  She loves to roll them, she looks like such a puppy when she does that.


Maverick (Celhaus Kindred Spirit) (deceased, a favorite photo of him at 8 years)

Hi Cel!   The updated website is always such a joy to view!!!  It looks like Mav has some siblings still going strong!  I know you can relate as Maverick was my “true love” being my first GSD.  I miss him so deeply and can never thank you enough for doing what you do as he was such a blessing in my life for so many reasons.  I know I have the best guardian angel but I can not believe he has been gone for over a year…


Sheri (Celhaus Totally Sheri) at 8 years
Sheri died in December 2015.  she is greatly missed.


Summitt (Celhaus Kingston Summitt Bryant) at 11 years 4 months
Summit died at age 13 and is terribly missed.




Summitt on a therapy dog visit.  He’s registered with Therapy Dogs Inc.


Summitt at 11 years




Kaylee (Celhaus Kaylee) at 11 years
Unfortunately, Kaylee suddenly died October 31st, 2013, at 11 years 2 months.  Goodbye, beautiful girl.




 Ringo (Celhaus Hurrah’s Ringo Love) at 12 years
Unfortunately, Ringo lost his battle with cancer and died December 23, 2013, at 12 years 4 months.  Goodbye, big boy.




Thunder (Celhaus O’Thunder) at 9 years.  She was a great Search & Rescue Dog.  She died in January 2014.


Chief (Celhaus Hidden Hill’s Chief) at 11 years
Unfortunately, Chief died in September, 2013, at 12 years 1 month.  Goodbye, great one.

Chief’s certifications include Trailing 3, Cadaver 2, HRD, Air Scent, Water/Shore, Water/Open, Urban, Evidence & Avalanche.  Now nearly totally retired, Chief is a member of  Jackson Hole Independent Search Dog Teams,, along with Duke (Celhaus Quando), Quinta’s litter brother.

Krieger (Celhaus Krieger) at 12 years 3 months
Krieger died in 2015 at the age of 13.  Good bye, sweet boy.

 Mom is a professional photographer and it sure tells!  I LOVE the photos she sends!  Scroll down for more photos of Krieger. Krieger died shortly after this photo was taken.  He is greatly missed.  Be sure to check the Joyful Pups page for photos of Krieger with his “sister” Denali

at 12 years 2 months