Joyful Pups

Joyful Puppies
All of Joyful’s pups have left this earth, ending my line from Glory to Ashi to Joyful.  They were very special – all were fantastic “heart” dogs.  I am honored to have loved Glory, Ashi and Berakah.  To all from that line – we’ll never forget you and miss you until we meet again in the next life.  Cel

W Litter (sired by Mem’ry, whelped April 21, 2006)
DD Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/3/09)
BB Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/28/08)
BB litter background information
I kept Celhaus Berakah (call name Berakah, which is Hebrew for “blessing”), from the BB litter.  Don’t miss the photos of her as a therapy dog!

Zeus (Celhaus Dark Knight)
died at 13 years 11 months
Goodbye, beautiful boy, enjoy life in heaven.

10/23/24:  “We recently lost our Zeus to a combination of old age issues. He had a great long life and his loss hit the family very hard.”
Zeus at 13 years
““I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful boy Zeus is still going strong. He has been our best companion since we picked him up as a puppy.   Zeus loves swimming more than anything and is always up to a hike. He has taught many puppies to swim in the South Platte at the dog park we used to frequent.   Several years ago, Zeus and I would go pheasant hunting. Zeus worked very well at flushing the birds.  Thanks for the love of our life!”

Zoey (Celhaus Dabomb) died at 13 years 6 months
Goodbye, beautiful girl, enjoy life in heaven.
5/13/23:  “Hi Cel, I trust this note finds you well.  Sadly, I must report Zoey passed this morning. She has been struggling to walk for the last four days, no eating, very little drinking, and a lot of sleeping. I was having to carry her outside to go to the bathroom.  She transitioned peacefully. She is with her family and friends now doing agility and chasing tennis balls into the ocean.  Zoey was a fantastic friend and family member. She has accomplished much over the years. She will be missed greatly, and she will be remembered for the rest of our lives.  She really did have a great life, and enriched ours along the way too.  She was a fighter, so it makes sense that she held out to the very end. That was her style!  Thanks for remaining in contact with us. It has been a fantastic run!  Thanks for being a partner with us on this wonderful journey.  You are a special person, Cel. We wish you all the best in the future.  Cheers, Shawn”
Zoey at 13 years 1 month
“We hope this note finds you well. Zoey is doing great at 13 y/o! We were relocated from Hawaii to Alabama earlier in the year—this will be the last move for us. Zoey did really well with the move, and she is now fully settled into the new home.  Enjoy the holidays!”