Celhaus Ashi Armaiti TD TDInc

(Ashi is the Angel of Blessing; Armati is the Angel of Devotion to God)


Read my Goodbye to my beautiful Ashi

In December, 2007, Ashi FINALLY received her Health Award Certificate of Recognition from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America!

She qualified for it nine years earlier.

Ashi was the mother of the D, G, H, L, O, P & S litters; grandmother of the T, W, BB & DD Litters.  See Ashi pups.  I kept two of her pups, Bunny & Joyful.
Unfortunately, I lost Ashi’s line when the granddaughters I planned to breed (Bunny and her sister, Annie), developed pannus as adults.  Their sire, Caz, though he remained clear-eyed until his death at 14, must have had an overabundance of the genes for that multi-recessive trait, because quite a few of his pups from different females al developed pannus.  I stil , years later, grieve losing this line.


Ashi with her two-day-old H litter.  (Bunny is Miss Yellow, in front.)

Ashi (on right) with Joyful, her daughter from the O Litter.

Ashi (lying down) with the grown up Bunny & Joyful.  I can’t remember who the pup is.

ASHI (DOB:6/13/97): Ashi was Glory’s daughter from a young dog of working lines who had his SchH I. That litter was full of quality.  All trained extremely well, were very outgoing, confident and athletic dogs with a real joy of life. They were very stable pups, learning exercises at the first exposure and remembering them with an “oh, sure, I can do that” attitude, and all were the stars of their various puppy classes.  Ashi taught herself the stays, doing them at a very young age, and the other puppy’s owners all commented on the same thing. These pups were begging to work.

Ashi had excellent drives, could have done Schutzhund, loved obedience and tracking. She had her mother’s intelligence without the devious teasing mind, and begged to work. Ashi was a dark red sable.  Unfortunately, Ashi injured the gracillus muscle in one hind leg and surgery to correct it only made it worse and left her permanently lame, forcing her retirement in 2003.  At the time of her injury, she was nearly ready to try for her TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent), only needed a little polishing for her CD (Companion Dog), and was ready to trial in agility.

Ashi the fantastic tracking dog.

Ashi’s sire was Chilocs Homeboy vom Illertal BH SchH1 (“Levi”), an extremely promising young dog with absolutely perfect working drives and lots of competition potential. This was Levi’s only litter. We mostly got Glory’s classic looks with Levi’s great working drives, plus the joy of life and outgoing personalities of both–exactly what I had hoped for!  Levi was OFA hips (good), elbows, heart & thyroid, CERF, Von Willebrand’s Disease free and hemophilia free. Levi’s sire was G-Cliff vd Dauda Farm SchH3, FH, AD, TD. Cliff was OFA hips (good), elbows, heart & thyroid, Von Willebrand’s Disease free and hemophilia free. Cliff was an V-Alf v Pfaenderruecken SchH3 son out of a daughter of V-Argus v Papageinhaus SchH3 daughter. His dam, G-Otti vd Bildsaeule SchH 1 “a”, was an V-Alf v Pfaenderruecken SchH3 daughter out of a Czech bitch.


OFA Hips (Good)  GS-56039G24F-T

OFA Elbows  GS-EL9972-T

OFA Thyroid GS-TH50/95F-PI

OFA Cardiac GS-CA57/24F/P-T

CERF GS-695/2002-61

Von Willebrand’s and hemophilia free

Therapy Dog (Therapy Dogs Incorporated)

Tracking Dog (received AKC title 9/24/2000)


Ashi began her therapy dog work at an early age.  Here she is, 47 days old, at the nursing home, visiting with a nurse.


Here she is at 7 months


Ashi was the one I chose to appear in the photograph when I was named Community Person of the Week for my therapy dog work.

Ashi retrieved anything and everything – logs, tires, sticks, rocks, and of course all toys.



She loved to swim.

I sure miss my Ashi girl