UU Litter

UU Litter

whelped January 25, 2021:  3 bicolor or black & tan males, 1 black male, 2 black females & 1 bicolor female
Mercy bred to Cantor
UU litter background information
UU litter pedigree
Mr. Blue (now “Radar”) & Miss Pink (now “Jazz”) went to Gillette, WY, to be trained for police work).  Miss Yellow (now “Nisa”) went to Portland to do agility.  Miss Purple (now “Beadie”) went to Colorado to do agility and nosework.  Mr. Green (now “Marshal”) and Mr. White (now “Cody”) went to Colorado to be pets.  Mr. Red (now “Ursa”) went to SW Wyoming to compete in nosework and be a pet.

Jazz (Celhaus Unlimited Jasmine) at 2 years 7 months
Jazz is available.  She prefers people to police work and would make someone a great agility, tracking, nosework, etc. competition dog.  She is in Gillette at the trainers’ until we find the perfect placement for her.
From the police dog trainer:  “
Jaz is a beautiful bi-color.  She has been imprinted on the four major controlled substance odors and started on trailing.  She would prefer to be visiting with ALL people around her which is a distraction for her when trying to work.  She is very confident and has been on a variety of agility equipment.  She is approximately 65 pounds and very athletic.  She may be more fit for agility or anything she can do with her person. If you just want to sit and give her a good pet job she is good with that for just as long as you want to do it. She is perfectly crate trained, has been around poultry, cats and other dogs.  She will act protective of her property (home, car, etc…), but is very comfortable with people around her and very social.


Cody (Celhaus Uncharted Life Adventures CGC) at 2 years 4 months
Photo 1:  “Almost need a video.  He was so elegant strutting around with the football.”
Photo 2:  “I had a better sit pose but I didn’t get the camera on before he was distracted by Pearl.”


Marshal (Celhaus Ursus the Mighty Xavier) at 2 years 5 months
Photos 1-2:  “Happy International German Shepherd Day!”
Photos 3-4:  “Here are a bunch of photos from our mini photoshoot on Sunday.   The dogs are in different positions in each one.  They love our photo shoots.  I was very happy with their obedience work in this one, because I took lots of photos and changed camera angles a lot as well.”

Ursa (Celhaus Ursa Minor) at 2 years 7 months
with his new sister, Zinnia from the ZZ litter

Ursa at 2 years 6 months
We had a professional photographer take photos of Ursa.  We love his beautiful eyes, and so did the photographer.”

Ursa at 2 years 3 months
Photos 1-2: (4/23/23):  “
April 22-23 we attended a UKC Nosework trial in Salt Lake City. The trial offered Interior, Exterior, Vehicles and Handler Discrimination.  We were able to get our second leg of Novice Interior, which finally earned our Novice Nosework title!   We placed second in the Advanced Interior search on the next day.  We had fast runs in two searches each of Novice Handler Discrimination and Superior Exterior, earned element titles respectively.  In the Superior Vehicles class the team was 0 for 2 but still finished the weekend with a pile of ribbons (mostly blue) and one very tired dog.
3rd photo (4/23/23):  “
The next weekend we traveled to Custer in the Black mining hills of Dakota for our introduction to AKC Scentwork. The elements of AKC are similar to UKC which we have been competing in for a year, with the exception of Buried Hides replacing Vehicle searches.  This particular trial at Camp Bob Marshall offered two trials of all four elements each day for a total of 16 searches over Saturday and Sunday. AKC requires three legs (qualifying searches) to earn the element title. So there was potential to complete the Novice Scentwork title, but knowing buried hides were relatively new in our training program.  Saturday the team Q’d in two each Exterior, Interior and Container Searches and one of the Buried hides in the afternoon. We were fast, but not as fast as Cat Ballou and her handler Carolyn, and we placed second or third in all.  Sunday morning it was announced that Cat Ballou had won High in Trial in the morning and Ursa Minor had placed High in Trial in the afternoon. That was quite a surprise as we had not finished first in any element.  Sunday morning we found our flow and placed first in all four elements (including Buried!) We had three Q’s we needed to move up to Advanced in Interior, Exterior and Containers for the afternoon trial.  We started the afternoon with a wicked fast 16.25 second Exterior search of two hides. Fast enough for first place out of 12 teams. For unknown reasons we false alerted on a container for our second NQ.  We followed that up with an Interior search of two hides in a small cabin in 31.81 seconds for first place out of 15 teams.  Our final search of the weekend was the Buried hide we needed for our third Q and a shot at getting the Novice title in one weekend. Alas it was not in the cards that day.  As we were packing up our car the Trial Chairperson came over to award us our second High in Trial of the weekend for the morning trial. I had not been thinking about HIT but was more focused on moving up to the Advanced Elements, so once again was surprised!
4th photo (5/4/23):  “Good morning, Cel.  I am still editing photos.  Here is a nice one of HIT Ursa
Last photo (6/1/23):  “
I have been thinking of you today and hope you are having a good puppy-go-home day.  I hope you can have a little rest in the next few days after the seminar and before the next puppies arrive.


 Radar (Celhaus United We Stand) at 2 years 2 months
Radar leaving with his new family, who have received death threats. He will be a personal protection dog, with the all the time.”

Marshal (Celhaus Ursus the Mighty Xavier) at 2 years 2 months
“Yesterday, from a video clip while it was snowing.”

Cody (Celhaus Uncharted Life Adventures CGC) at 2 years 1 month
“Recent photos.”

Cody at 1 year 11 months
“”A couple of Cody pics.”

Nisa (Celhaus Unstoppable Nisa) at 2 years
“Nisa is very good at performing the ‘Wei’ with the kids at the New Year’s offering table.  We basically do a deep bow to have gratitude and show respect for our ancestors also.  Nisa goes a good down and waits patiently.”

Marshal at 2 years
Photos 1-3:  “2 years have gone by so fast!”

Marshal at 1 year 11 months
Photo 1:  “Our chilly, chilly walk this evening!  First full moon of the year is a wolf moon – thought this photo is a perfect depiction.  See the full moon in the background above Marshal’s head.
Photo 2:  “Happy New Year! This was January 1, 2023 morning snuggles – my legs are under there somewhere!”

Ursa at 2 years
Look for photos of Ursa working at the Dave Kroyer seminar here, September 16-18, 2022.
1/31/23:  “We attended a nosework trial in January in Salt Lake City.  Ursa got his Superior Containers title and one leg towards Novice Interior and Handler Discrimination titles.”
Photo1:  Last weekend we went to Salt Lake City for another NW trial.  Of course, Ursa did great!  The venue was small so the crating area was elbow to elbow.  He didn’t make a peep all day with a lot of chaos around him.  We finally ran a Novice Interior. There were 21 teams in the Novice A and B combined! Teams were going from Interior directly to Containers. That was efficient but it meant we were at the end of the order since we were doing only the Interior at Novice level. He showed interest in the vacuum cleaner but moved on and finally sourced the hide in 33.3 seconds. The B winner was 4.7 seconds!!  The search was in a small area at the dead end of a hallway, so it was small and weird but he did fine with the pressure.  He got both legs of his Superior Containers! First place in both, 22.7 and 25.2 seconds. On to Masters now. I need to work on my memory for which boxes we have found.  I volunteered to time for the Masters and Elite Container and Interior searches so I got to work with the Judges and watch all the teams. I find that a learning session and it is helpful for the trial at the same time.  They offered Handler Discrimination so we trained it for 6 weeks, since the premium was released. He smashed it in 5.71 seconds. (the B winner had 5.89, so very close!) There weren’t too many teams for HD, just 5 total in Novice.  We enjoyed some good dining in the big city and got to play on grass. Lander has received over 5 feet of snow and not much melting has happened. Our garden fence is nearly completely buried!”
Photo 2:  “The down stay is impressive, over an hour, if I put him on a pallet in the warehouse.  Nice control as coworkers and I move around.   The UPS truck does present a challenge when they deliver.”
Photo 3:  “Ursa the land shark got a shark toy for his birthday and enjoyed removing all the fins.  It’s now in the snow in the yard neglected for days.”
Photos 4-5:  “We went on a ski trip to West Yellowstone last week.  The weather was cooperative for traveling fortunately.  
Photo 6:  We enjoyed a jaunt on the Togwotee Pass trails and posed for the obligatory photo on Wyoming’s most photographed mountains.”

Ursa at 1 year 5 months
On 11/24/22 (no photos):  “Reporting from the nosework trial in Salt Lake City.  The weather has changed every five minutes today, from blizzard to sun.  Yesterday was more rainy than today.  Judge Caroline from Texas can’t believe it.  Ha! Ha!  We beat the “B” level dogs – we had the shortest time of all the Advanced dogs!  Yes, 6 Q’s out of 5 runs!  In advanced containers he took first place both times.  In Novice exteriors he got 3rd and 7th places.  In Novice Vehicles, he took 1st place both times.”

Ursa came to Sheridan October 7-9 to compete at our nosework trial.  He needed 1 Q to finish his Novice Containers title and did that in style, with a time of 8.7 seconds, which gave him a first place.  He moved up to Advanced Containers for the afternoon trial and again aced it in 8.3 seconds, which also earned him a first place.  Way to go, you two!
Ursa and Scott continued to do well the next two days.  In all, they qualified in all 6 runs, going home with their Novice Exterior title (placing 3rd & 7th) and Novice Vehicles title (placing 1st both times).

at 1 year 6 months

Beadie (Celhaus Ultimav Udo) at 1 year 1 month
Name Story:  “Ultimav Udo – which depending on what your web search returns for what these two words mean in German – it’s either ultimate power of the wolf or ultimate power of the home.  We do not doubt she will live up to both names.  Her call name is “Beadie”, which derived from a character in the HBO series The Wire, which takes the viewer through the complicated nature of the drug trade and the politics that come into play from the streets, to the police force, to the actual politicians.  In the second season of The Wire, a port authority officer, Beadie Russell, uncovers a shipping can with a hidden compartment carrying thirteen dead women who were being trafficked.  Dark, I know, but stay with me!  Beadie, who was essentially a patrol officer, develops into a savvy detective who assists a talented team of police in solving the case.  We had the name picked out before meeting any of the pups in the event we went home with a girl. We feel like the name couldn’t be anymore appropriate due to her response to the cadaver test.  Is it too aggressive to claim kismet?  We don’t think so.”

“Beadie is doing really well, and we are starting her in more classes for agility and are hoping to get our good canine citizen graduation soon.  She has made a ton more friends as she is walked with a few other dogs during the day and we are taking her running with us.  She has zero problem keeping pace and has endless energy, so we keep an eye on her to make sure she isn’t over-exerting herself.  She weighs ~66 lbs and is filling out nicely.  She is just the sweetest dog and we are so grateful she loves all people and animals – maybe just a little bit too much.  We get lots of compliments on her.  Here are a couple of pictures of her stalking squirrels, her one true passion, at the park on a long leash.