UU Litter

UU Litter

whelped January 25, 2021:  3 bicolor or black & tan males, 1 black male, 2 black females & 1 bicolor female
Mercy bred to Cantor
UU litter background information
UU litter pedigree
Mr. Blue (now “Radar”) & Miss Pink (now “Jazz”) went to Gillette, WY, to be trained for police work).  Miss Yellow (now “Nisa”) went to Portland to do agility.  Miss Purple (now “Beadie”) went to Colorado to do agility and nosework.  Mr. Green (now “Marshal”) and Mr. White (now “Cody”) went to Colorado to be pets.  Mr. Red (now “Ursa”) went to SW Wyoming to compete in nosework and be a pet.

Jazz (Celhaus Unlimited Jasmine) at 3 years 2 months
“Rainey on the left and Jazzy on the right at Starbucks.  They each got a pup cup.  Then playtime.”

Jazz at 3 years
Today is her birthday.  I took her for a ride and got her a pup cup at Dutch Bros. She loves those.”

Jazz at 2 years 11 months
“Jazzy says hi!”


Cody (Celhaus Uncharted Life Adventures CGC) at 3 years 2 months

Cody at 3 years
“He really loves the snow and being outside.”

Cody at 2 years 7 months
“Ears at alert.”
9/15/23:  “Cody, who never digs, was burying a bone this morning. Funniest thing that I have seen in a while.  He methodically dug the hole with his paws, dropped in the bone and covered it back up with his nose.  He and the labs got knuckle bones from a quarter-cow I bought a while ago.  The labs were busy with their bones so they didn’t notice.  Cody was smelling it afterwards.  I wasn’t sure whether he was making sure he could find it later or was worried that the labs would smell it.”
9/16/23:  “The bone turned up, but I didn’t see who dug it up.”

Nisa (Celhaus Unstoppable Nisa) at 3 years 2 months
“Nisa says, ‘Let’s do something!’ We were in a park and she was trying to figure out why we weren’t playing.”

Nisa at 3 years
Nisa at 3.  She is so, so sweet!””
Photo 3:  “Priya did her high school senior pics with a professional photographer and she chose to have some with Nisa.”

Marshal (Celhaus Ursus the Mighty Xavier) at 3 years 3 months
It seems like my lilac bush flowered overnight and feels like forever since I’ve smelled that fragrance. I wanted to get some shots of the dogs with the lilacs in the background. Marshal was a little antsy but I managed to get a couple of good ones. I had to save the one in which he is blinking – so cute, even with his eyes closed!

Marshal at 3 years 2 months
 “Morning dance practice – my best boy!”

Marshal at 3 years 1 month
“Hi! I hope all is well.   Here are my wonderful Lucy and Marshal doing guard dog duty, watching over me while I rake and take the trash out on the other side of the gate.  The command I use is “watch over me” – they are to stay in the yard at the gate, while I take the trash out or do whatever I need to just outside of the yard.  Marshal naturally did that, so it’s not something I really had to train. He would always escort me over there. So I started naming the behavior, and he takes great pride in this little task of his! I did train the “stay in the yard” part of it.  It was easy enough to train with Lucy – they really do learn from one another! I have Lucy accompany me when it seems like people are prowling around or there might be an animal in the yard, like a raccoon.”

Marshal at 2 years 11 months
“Funny story: I got some toys for the dogs to celebrate Marshal’s birthday before the deep freeze of the weekend. Left them in the Jeep to sneak in at some later point and didn’t get to it before the dogs and I went on another outing. You should’ve seen their surprise and delight when they jumped in the Jeep and found all those toys! It was so cute and funny.”
Photo 2:  “The caption for this photo should be, ‘We all need alone time with our cat regularly.’  I walk into my bedroom at various times of day or night, and find one of my dogs hanging out on my bed with my cat, just as the photo portrays.”

Marshal at 2 years 7 months

Marshal at 2 years 5 months
“The dogs and I had an amazing time on our walk and at the park. A few people asked me if I train dogs.”

Ursa (Celhaus Ursa Minor)
at 2 years 7 months
“What a fun weekend at the Sheridan UKC Nosework Trial!  Ursa completed his Advanced Handler Discrimination title.  He and I connected as a team to Q in Elite Containers to end the weekend on a positive note.” 

Ursa at 3 years 2 months
“We traveled to Grand Junction for a NACSW NW2 trial at the Cross Orchard Museum to kick off the spring scentwork season.  There were five searches.  One each of vehicles, exterior and containers and two interior searches.  The weather was not bad by Wyoming in March standards but 50 degrees with a 20 mph and gusty wind, but perhaps less than ideal.  Our first event was vehicles with three cars and two hides. Ursa got the first straight off the start line.  I took him around the downwind side and he showed no interest on the middle car.  He tried to crawl under the third so I suspected that the odor was blowing under from somewhere. It took a while but he eventually soured the hide on the far-side front wheel. I was happy to get the Q. 
The second event was exterior with two hides.  The wind was devilish and despite the distraction of finding a previously dropped treat in the grass and a plastic grocery bag blowing down the road – he found both hides with success.  Interior #1 had three hides in a sort of barn that he found in one minute and twenty seconds.  Next up was the container search on a covered loading dock on the leeward side of a large barn. There were two hides and an unknown number of distractions of toys and food items in 15 toolboxes arranged in three rows of five each.  Ursa was in odor before the start line and carefully checked each box and indicated a hide on the fourth box.  The remaining box and the center row were checked but were not interesting. In the third row he found a hide in the second box so I called alert and finish extremely relieved to have dodged the distractions.  At this point of the day, we had only Interior #2, with a single hide between us and the NW2 title.  The area was a small kitchen and even smaller sunroom.   We were allowed an off-leash option, which I chose.  Once again, he had the nose locked on from the start line and went directly to the sunroom and stuck his muzzle deep into the chicken shaped terracotta pot and took a huge inhalation then dropped into his alert in just 9 seconds.  At the awards we got called up for second place in the containers (by .08 seconds).  I was shocked to get called for first place in vehicles.  I didn’t feel it was all that fast at the time, but given the wind it was a great result.  
There were nineteen teams at the event and only five found all ten hides for the title. I think my jaw hit the floor when first place was announced as team Ursa/ Scott!”

Ursa at 3 years 1 month
with his 9-month-old sister, Zinnia, from the ZZ litter

Ursa at 2 years 10 months
“Everyone here is excited for snow and the outdoor activities that are happening. We are now able to do ball session with both dogs at once.  Ursa loves his red Kong ball.”

Ursa at 2 years 9 months
“I am super happy the team showed up today at Utah UKC Nosework Club. Ursa and I had qualifying runs in all of our events and earned our Superior Nosework title (Superior titles in all four events), and our First Elite element (we got a pin!) in Containers.  Teamwork makes the dream work!”

at 2 years 8 months
9/10/23:  “We helped put on the WYO 131 Gravel Grinder last weekend. Zinnia worked her first bike race aid station, Ursa met a Mythical Creature, and they both played non-stop. Attached is the latest photo for you. We practice informal down stays while we eat, and last weekend we had a little cuddle fest happening that I was able to capture.  Hugs to all, Scott and Leslie”
Photo:  “
“I am super happy the team showed up today at Utah UKC Nosework Club. Ursa and I had qualifying runs in all of our events and earned our Superior Nosework title (Superior titles in all four events), and our First Elite element (we got a pin!) in Containers.  Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Ursa at 2 years 7 months
with his new sister, Zinnia from the ZZ litter

Ursa at 2 years 6 months
We had a professional photographer take photos of Ursa.  We love his beautiful eyes, and so did the photographer.”

Ursa at 2 years 3 months
Photos 1-2: (4/23/23):  “
April 22-23 we attended a UKC Nosework trial in Salt Lake City. The trial offered Interior, Exterior, Vehicles and Handler Discrimination.  We were able to get our second leg of Novice Interior, which finally earned our Novice Nosework title!   We placed second in the Advanced Interior search on the next day.  We had fast runs in two searches each of Novice Handler Discrimination and Superior Exterior, earned element titles respectively.  In the Superior Vehicles class the team was 0 for 2 but still finished the weekend with a pile of ribbons (mostly blue) and one very tired dog.
3rd photo (4/23/23):  “
The next weekend we traveled to Custer in the Black mining hills of Dakota for our introduction to AKC Scentwork. The elements of AKC are similar to UKC which we have been competing in for a year, with the exception of Buried Hides replacing Vehicle searches.  This particular trial at Camp Bob Marshall offered two trials of all four elements each day for a total of 16 searches over Saturday and Sunday. AKC requires three legs (qualifying searches) to earn the element title. So there was potential to complete the Novice Scentwork title, but knowing buried hides were relatively new in our training program.  Saturday the team Q’d in two each Exterior, Interior and Container Searches and one of the Buried hides in the afternoon. We were fast, but not as fast as Cat Ballou and her handler Carolyn, and we placed second or third in all.  Sunday morning it was announced that Cat Ballou had won High in Trial in the morning and Ursa Minor had placed High in Trial in the afternoon. That was quite a surprise as we had not finished first in any element.  Sunday morning we found our flow and placed first in all four elements (including Buried!) We had three Q’s we needed to move up to Advanced in Interior, Exterior and Containers for the afternoon trial.  We started the afternoon with a wicked fast 16.25 second Exterior search of two hides. Fast enough for first place out of 12 teams. For unknown reasons we false alerted on a container for our second NQ.  We followed that up with an Interior search of two hides in a small cabin in 31.81 seconds for first place out of 15 teams.  Our final search of the weekend was the Buried hide we needed for our third Q and a shot at getting the Novice title in one weekend. Alas it was not in the cards that day.  As we were packing up our car the Trial Chairperson came over to award us our second High in Trial of the weekend for the morning trial. I had not been thinking about HIT but was more focused on moving up to the Advanced Elements, so once again was surprised!
4th photo (5/4/23):  “Good morning, Cel.  I am still editing photos.  Here is a nice one of HIT Ursa
Last photo (6/1/23):  “
I have been thinking of you today and hope you are having a good puppy-go-home day.  I hope you can have a little rest in the next few days after the seminar and before the next puppies arrive.

Radar (Celhaus United We Stand) at 2 years 2 months
Radar leaving with his new family, who have received death threats. He will be a personal protection dog, with the all the time.”