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XX Litter
Whelped 7/11/22:  one black and tan male
“Degen” (Celhaus Xcellent Hope) went to North Carolina to compete in Schutzhund and to search for invasive plants.
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Degen (Celhaus Xcellent Hope) at 1 year 9 months
Cel, We’ve been remiss in keeping you up with our joint project Degen. He’s still one rangy dude, adding just a few pounds in the last several months, and still shows some of his puppy side. I’m still working him in Schutzhund hoping for an opportunity to put a BH on him, but had to focus on Chipper’s IGP 3 first.  He enjoys, even demands several play sessions each day, plus I am able to get him out on hikes a couple times a week. These photos include three from Hanging Rock State Park about an hour and half west of here. It’s a good climb and nearly a five-mile loop, his longest thus far. I’m also breaking him in to running alongside my bike.”

Degen at 1 year
12/17/23:  “Cel, I hope you are doing well as we slide quickly toward the shortest day of the year. I’m taking advantage of our own gloomy day to paw through the past year’s photos, peeling off those that might do a little justice to that wonderful pet you created for us.  OK, in truth the rainy day has him periodically pestering me for play time, a sign I’ve spoiled him with play sessions and outings. As this is a Sunday I’d ordinarily have hauled him and Chipper up to Palmyra VA for Schutzhund training – but for the record rainfall we’re having today.  Degen’s Schutzhund training is going well. I think he’s about gotten where he needs to be for a BH; I’m looking for a trial opportunity this spring. He’s tracking two corners with good focus, and showing some more maturity in his protection, now including a bark and hold.  Armin(the trainer) has observed that at this age he’s showing the best obedience of any of my previous dogs, so one of us is learning.  Mind you, I’m working to get him to care a bit less about other dogs. He at present barks at them on the TV.  Degen walks very well on leash but is also proving a joy on woodland hikes off lead. He can keep within a reasonable distance and responds well when called off game (with an e-collar as insurance of course). Degen comes running enthusiastically directly back at me when called to do so and at such speed I fear for a collision. We suspect he’s about passed his multiple month plateau of 80 pounds as his head is starting to broaden. He’s still extremely lanky.  I’m hoping to start him on detection (“Nosework”)soon, although that will be new territory for me. Your seminar last year was certainly a help.”