XX Litter 52 Days Temperament Test

XX Litter
Police/Narcotics Temperament Test
52 Days Old     9/1/22

Mr. X tested well.  Here is a summary of his test scores.  As soon as I have time, I will type everything up and put it on the website, but it takes a while and Mr. X will be here for a couple of more weeks, so his care consumes a lot of my day. 

I include a brief description of each test component and then his ratings.


Social Attachment:  Acknowledges new person; dominance or independence
Following:  Willingness to follow and acceptance of tester
Confidence/Elevation:  Confidence/dominance shown when held in air and has no control
Prey/perseverance:  Willingness to chase toy, solidness of bite, use of body to possess
Sound Sensitivity, Can of Rocks: a sudden loud noise behind them, in this case a can of nuts and bolts dropped from about 2’ elevation
Sound Sensitivity, Train:  a moving, whistling battery-operated train engine 
Surprise/Stability:  umbrella opened suddenly as they pass by; not recovery after initial startle. 

Other comments

My pups are very people-oriented and voice responsive, so they never do as well on the police/narcotic test as on the Search & Rescue test because on this test, the handler is deliberately very calm and quiet and doesn’t say much.  As usual, Suzan commented that the pups came alive when she gave them the tiniest bit of praise.

I am not specifically breeding for police dog candidates, for which they want high drive and activity level – and pushiness.  This is the first litter that had police candidates.  Suzan gives this interpretation statement:  This test was designed for police dogs and dogs of similar professions.  This is a good predictor of a strong, confident dog, but also one that may be more independent and not as willing to work with humans as much as they just want to work.  Having scores that are average and minimal in some categories may be just what is needed for the agility, therapy or family dog.

Now a summary of Mr. X’s ratings:

Excellent:  Social Attachment, Social Dominance, Confidence/Elevation (2 X’s), Retrieve (1 time),
Above Average:  Following, Restraint/Submission, Retrieve (2 times), Pain Sensitivity, Sound Sensitivity-Rocks, Sound Sensitivity-train, Surprise/Stability (umbrella)
Average-Good:  Prey/perseverance

Following:  Nice
Restraint/Submission:  Eye contact at first; then 25 seconds
Prey/Perseverance:  Front-teeth bite most times, 1 full bite – didn’t hold on long.
Sound Sensitivity – train:  Went behind me to look at train; when it was off, went to stand over it.
Surprise/Stability (Umbrella):  Walked through umbrella once it was opened.
Happy puppy – loves voice for encouragement.

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