NN Litter

NN Litter
GloryToo bred to
whelped 12/17/17

Mr. Blue (Lando) went to Colorado to be an avalanche dog at a ski resort.  Mr. White (Lucien) went to Santa Fe, NM for Search & Rescue. Miss Yellow (Sophie) went to Montana to do agility and nosework. Mr. Green (Credo) and Mr. Red (Willy) went to Colorado as pets, though Mr. Green will hopefully do nosework and tracking. Mr. Red is the third dog of mine for his family. Miss Purple (Freda) went to California as a pet, the second dog her people have gotten from me. Miss Pink (Noir) went to California as a pet. Mr. Brown (Axel) went to Gillette, WY, about 100 miles east of here.
NN Litter background
NN Litter pedigree
The NN litter temperament test results were used for the illustrated police/narcotics temperament test and the illustrated Search & Rescue test pages.

A repeat of this litter was whelped 4/30/20:  SS litter

Lucien (Celhaus Niall Lucien Stieber) at 4 years 5 months
Lucien is in training for Search & Rescue. 
“Lucien in the mountains of southern Colorado, searching for human remains in still water last Sunday.  It was a training, so he (almost) always finds something. In this case it was a human pelvis dangling from a float, low in the water. He scented it from pretty far away.”

Lucien at 3 years 9 months

Frieda (Celhaus Nagorski) at 3 years 9 months (in rear) with “nephew” Maximus (Celhaus Trooper), 1 year 6 months old 

Lando (Celhaus Naboo Pirate) at 4 years 4 months
Lando is an avalanche dog
“We passed our Advanced Validation at Vail for Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment.  He is a super star!”

Credo (Celhaus Nanawatai Gloriouz Credo of Cantor) at 4 years 4 months
Name Story: Nanawatai is “traditionally used to refer to a request for sanctuary, whereby the host must be willing to fight or die for the sake of anyone who comes knocking at his door seeking refuge, even if it is a sworn enemy.” The Z in Gloriouz is a nod to the older brother he never got to meet, my Zeus.
Photo 1:  “Happy Easter!.
Photo 2:  Happy Mother’s Day!”

Credo at 4 years 3 months
Photo 1:  “Here’s a silly photo of our St. Patrick’s Day attire.”
Photo 2:  “We went on a 3.5 mile walk around a local lake after work.”

Axel (Celhaus Nash Axel Geisner) at 3 years 11 months

Willy (Celhaus Nineteen Forty-One) at 3 years
Name Story:  Well, I’m a bit of a Jeep fanatic, and the first civilian Jeeps were produced by Willys-Overland (pronounced “Willis”) in the mid ‘30s. I have one half of one of those originals (a 1940-something. converting it into a camping trailer), as well as a new Jeep with the Willys package (a standard Jeep with better suspension, but very bare bones). So, when Hardin mentioned it, it was a lock. 1941 was the first year Willys-Overland produced the Jeep and applied for a patent.

“Finally got some snow and Willy’s loving it!  Willy with big sister, Harper (Celhaus Zeal for Life), on her 13th birthday.”