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The JJ Litter would be due in October and ready to go in late December.

I plan to breed GloryToo To Quasi in August, as long as she passes all her health screenings when she turns 2 in June.  She already has her eyes certified by OFA, and her hips rated 90th percentile in PennHip and prelimed good with OFA.  Her elbows also prelimed fine.

GloryToo is the fifth generation of my female line.  She is a Lively/Chaos daughter.  Her grandmother is Quinta, great-grandmother is Jubilee and great-great grandmother is the original Glory.

Quasi is my exciting new male, sire of the ii litter, born January 2015.  Check out the “Our Family” section for information and lots of photos of Quasi.  I kept his daughter from the ii litter, and you can find more information about her in the “Our Family” section, too.  Look for Spirit.

Sire:  Quasi vom Geistwasser BH AD

whelped 10/24/10

DM (spinal myelopathy) Clear:  GS-DM3605/44M-PI
EYES Clear:  GS-EYE136/46M-VPI (OFA replaced CERF)
PennHip:  90th percentile (hips are better than 90% of the 11,526 GSD’s they’ve evaluated)!!!!
OFA EXCELLENT Hips!!!:  GS-91042E47M-VPI
OFA Elbows:  GS-EL30778M47-VPI
OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA1234/47M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH669/47M-VPI
free of bleeding disorders (hemophilia & Von Willebrands) and EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency)
CHIC (Canine Health Information  Center) DNA Repository:  GS-DNA-366/S1
TLI Test normal at 47 months (free of EPI – Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)

I was very lucky to acquire Quasi in July 2014.  I really, really like this dog and am very grateful to Bill & Jen at for letting me have him.  Be sure to check out Quasi’s page of info and background that Bill & Jen provided me (in the Our Family section of this website).  I had planned to immediately begin Quasi’s agility and nosework training when he arrived, but an injury (to me) kept me on my back from July to November.  I’m still not moving well enough to begin his agility training though I hope to soon.

Quasi was nearly ready to try for his Schutzhund 1 title when I bought him.  I’m going to try next spring to make the drive to the closest Schutzhund club (250 miles one way) often enough to learn how to work him and try for his “1” next October.  Although he is very capable of getting all his Schutzhund titles, I will stop at the 1 because the distance is too great plus I usually have a litter to care for during the summer.  Breeding Lively back to back this time means I’ll wait a year before I breed her again, thus opening up next summer to the possibility of working on his Schutzhund 1.

He has great hunt drive, loving to use his nose and searching very intensely when his ball takes a bad bounce and he has to find it.  He shows that same desire to use his nose in nose work classes.  I hope to do AKC tracking with him once he gets his Schutzhund 1.  I won’t do it before that because Schutzhund demands a very precise, footprint to footprint tracking style and takes points off for any casting for the track.  I won’t relax his tracking style for the faster, less compulsive AKC and Search & Rescue tracking style until we are done with Schutzhund.

Quasi began nose work classes in September and has done great.  We started with 2 other dogs in the class, had 3 sessions and then one dog got very sick and the other quit coming, so after a couple of weeks with no classes, Jody, the instructor, suggested that I join another class.  That class had been working since February and the dogs are already doing 3 scents (birch, anise and cloves) plus searching for multiple hides around the room.  Usually for the first several months you do only one scent (first one is birch) and you work in a series of three-draw plastic storage containers so that the dog learns to hunt systematically and to stay on the scent when it finds it.  There is only one hide per turn so they learn to stop when they find it.  Then you add anise and they work the boxes to find two hides, one of each scent.  You don’t usually add cloves for quite a while, once the dogs are searching outside areas and vehicles for the first two scents.  Quasi’s first introduction to anise and to searching for two scents in each of his turns to work was at that class.  He picked it up right away.  Then Jody began hiding scents away from the boxes and he figured that out right away.  The second time we went to that class, Quasi found all three scents no matter where they were hidden, in every turn.  PLUS he already stayed on the scent until I told him that was enough, better than the others did.  He doesn’t find the scents as fast as the others, but he works systematically and, when they aren’t in the boxes, on his own has figured out to look at each end of the set of boxes in the general area.

Quasi has great retrieve drive.  He also enjoys learning and shows a lively curiosity about everything new.  I anticipate a lot of fun training him in any venue I try.

He is also a very social dog so I will certify him as a therapy dog sometime soon.

Dam:  Celhaus Gift of Glory TDInc.

whelped 6/7/13

Passed Therapy Dog certification with TDInc in December 2014

OFA Degenerative Myelopathy:  GS-DM3153/6F-PI-CAR
OFA Thyroid:  GS-EYE108/10F-VPI
PennHip:  90th percentile (hips are better than 90% of the 11,526 GSD’s they’ve evaluated)!!!!
OFA Hip Prelims at 1 year:  good
OFA Elbow prelims at 1 year:  good
CHIC (Canine Health Information  Center) DNA Repository:  GS-DNA-361/S

I already have a long waiting list so if you’re interested, be sure to fill out and send me the application and I’ll put you on the waiting list.  Those on the waiting list are told of upcoming litters and given a chance to put down a deposit on a pup before the litter is announced on the website.