Quinta (Celhaus Quintessence) NAC, S-NJC (Superior), OJC, O-NTN, NCC TDInc

9/14/04 – 12/27/12

Goodbye, Quinta

Quinta was a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Quinta was one of the Q Litter (Jubilee bred to Comanche)

OFA hips (good):  GS-74944G24F-PI
OFA elbows:  GS-EL19601F24-PI
OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH265/86F-VPI
OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA309/25F/P-PI
CERF:  GS-1231/2011
von Willebrand’s & hemophilia free
TLI Test normal at 57 months (free of EPI – Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)

DNA Profile:  V500086

Quinta had a Health Award Certificate of Recognition from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America!

Quinta was a fantastic agility dog–very athletic, focused, and crazy about the sport.  If she didn’t go completely bonkers from excitement and run her own course while totally ignoring me, she usually took first place.  Quinta had one leg each towards her AKC Novice Jumpers Preferred, Novice Jumpers and Novice FAST titles.  In NADAC competition, where she excelled because the courses allowed her to work further from me, she had her Novice Jumpers Superior rating (200 points) and her Open Jumpers title.  She had her Novice Regular and Chances titles with points towards her Outstanding ratings.  She had her Novice Tunnelers title and Outstanding rating.   She had two Novice Touch N Go legs and two Novice Weavers legs and one leg towards her Novice Hoopers title.  She had to be retired from competition in 2012 due to a slipped disc, for which she had surgery.

Quinta was the mother of the X Litter, sired by Caz, whelped January 29, 2007; the A Litter, sired by Chaos, whelped November 25, 2008; the CC Litter, sired by Kway vom Posthorn SchH3, whelped November 3, 2009 (I kept Lively from that litter); and the EE Litter, sired by Chaos, whelped May 21, 2010.  She is grandmother of the FF, GG & HH Litters (Lively bred to Chaos), LL Litter (GloryToo bred to Quasi), MM Litter (Spirit bred to Toby), NN Litter (GloryToo bred to Cantor), PP litter (Spirit bred to Cantor), SS litter (GloryToo bred to Cantor).  She is great-grandmother to Lovely’s puppies (RR, TT, WW, XX, YY, & AAA litters) and Mercy’s puppies (QQ, UU & ZZ litters).

Quinta was more often called The Wild Thing, rather than “Quinta.”  I worked hard to civilize her, but didn’t making a whole lot of progress.  She loved to body slam me at every chance and was quite accomplished at surprising me, erupting from a supposedly peaceful, even comatose state.  She was a great agility dog.  I hadn’t planned to show her until the fall of 2006 because she was not steady on weaves yet, but when Mem’ry got sick, I substituted her at the NADAC trials in May.  In her first four trials, she qualified all four times in Novice Jumpers with four first places.  She also got  2 Novice Tunnelers legs, both with 1st place too, as well as 2 Novice Chances legs (that class is only pass/fail, no placings).