GloryToo’s Trading Cards Set 2

GloryToo’s Trading Cards, Set 2

I decided that I’d better make more trading cards for GloryToo and Lovely.  I originally made 18 for each of them – and I gave out GloryToo’s card #14 at Holy Name School during the last Reading Dog session of the 2021-2022 school year.  That’s after beginning Reading Dog there in January rather than September.  I’m already scheduled to start Reading Dog again right after Labor Day, so I’ll need a lot more GloryToo cards to get through the entire year.  At TRE I use 3 therapy dogs, so I have plenty of trading cards for a year, but I only take GloryToo to Holy Name.  I decided I’d better do another set for Lovely while I was at it.

I was worried that I might not be able to find 18 more old photos of Lovely and GloryToo to use in the new series, then I had a brainstorm:  I called Shirley McPheeters of FFF Photography.  Her photography business started out as strictly dog (and possibly other animal) photography and was originally called Four Footed Photos.  The kids love the trading card of GloryToo from “Photos with Santa,” which Shirley took.  I figured she might have some other seasonal backdrops and props that would make interesting photos for the new series of trading cards (Easter, other holidays and maybe other themes) that the kids would enjoy.  She said she did, and she also had some saddles and other gear that would make good props with some of her backdrops. 

We did the photo shoot with GloryToo and Lovely at FFF Photography from 11 am till 3:34 p.m. on June 2nd.  I think Sirley had 17 different backdrops.  We did photos of both dog against each backdrop, using different props for each. 

Once Shirley got the photos to me, I took them to Epiphany Printing, and they created the cards.  I’m really pleased with how they turned out and can hardly wait to see how the kids like them.

Because people unfortunately steal pictures off websites, we had to protect our work on these by putting “sample” on them for this page.

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