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Dakuya (pronounced “DAK yuh”, with the accent on the first syllable), is the Ukrainian word for thanks.  In February 2023, our parish began adopting Ukrainian refugees.  Our refugees’ gratitude for being safe, and able to sleep all night without the fear of Russian bombs hitting their homes, has made me more grateful for all the blessings of living in this country.  Their calm focus on rebuilding their lives here, despite having left everything except what they could carry in one suitcase, has sure made me examine the little things that I whine about.  All this inspired me to give a name to my new pup that will remind me to be grateful for all blessings, and to LOOK for them.
Whelped 10/9/23
Dakuya is a Lovely/Justice daughter, one of the AAA litter.
See Dakuya, 11 weeks, at a puppy playtime with a Sheltie.
See Dakuya, 14 weeks, at another puppy playtime with a Sheltie and a Corgi pup

Here are some recent photos.  You’ll notice I don’t catch many still shots.

Dakuya at 9 weeks

Dakuya at 10 weeks

Dakuya at 11 weeks

Dakuya at 12 weeks

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Dakuya at 14 weeks
See Dakuya at another puppy playtime
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