May Flower Family Photos

May Flower Family Photos

All the trees are now blooming, finally.  I grabbed my camera and took photos of some of the dogs with the crab apples, decorative crabs and serviceberries as backdrops.  The chokecherry and lilac blooms are now opening – the air is sweet with their fragrance – and I hope to get photos of some of the other dogs with those flowers if we don’t get hard rain that ruins the flowers. 

I was pleased to get photos of the GloryToo/Hopeful mother-daughter combo.  I tried to get the Hesed/Varoom! mother-daughter combo but Varoom! wouldn’t hold still.  All those photos were blurred. 

I only got Justice to hold still for one decent photo in front of a serviceberry bush, even after his ball session.  After his second ball session, with Lovely, I managed to snap two shots of him in the shade, cooling off while I took photos of Lovely.  I definitely need to do more obedience training on the two young ones.  “Stay” is not in their vocabularies.

GloryToo, 8 years 11 months old, and Hopeful, 2 years(4 photos)
 (2 photos)

Hopeful (3 photos)
Justice, 11 months old (3 photos)
Lovely, 6 years 2 months old (4 photos)
Spirit, 7 years 4 months old (3 photos)4