Jubilee Pups

Jubilee Puppies & Grandpuppies

The J litter was sired by Droll; M & Q Litters were sired by Comanche; N Litter was sired by Caz; V Litter was sired by Mem’ry.  My Quinta was from the Q litter.  My Lively is a Quinta daughter and Jubilee granddaughter.  My GloryToo, from the GG litter, and my Spirit, from the ii litter, are her great-granddaughters.  Mercy, Jamboree and Lovely are great-great granddaughters.

Jubilee is grandmother to the X litter (Caz x Quinta), Y Litter  (Timber x Zinna), AA & EE Litters (Chaos x Quinta), CC Litter (Quinta bred to Kway) plus two litters from Rogue (Celhaus Mischievious Rogue).  She is great-grandmother of the FF, GG & HH litters (Lively bred to Chaos) and the ii & KK litters (Lively bred to Quasi).  She is great-great-grandmother of the JJ, LL, NN & SS litters, and great-great-grandmother to the MM, PP, QQ, RR & TT.


Unfortunately, Jubilee’s last daughter died in November 2020.

Cozy (Celhaus Victor’s Girl) at 14 years 7 months

“These are the last pictures we took of Cozy.”

Cozy at 13 years 6 months

“Here are a couple pictures of Cozy at 14 1/2. She’s doing okay for her age, I think. Anyway… I know she won’t be around a whole lot longer…”

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