MM Litter

MM Litter
whelped 7/1/17
Spirit bred to Toby

Miss Green (Bindi) went to southern Colorado to be a farm dog (dairy goats and chickens) and therapy dog. Miss Gold (Lexi) went to Virginia to be a Search & Rescue dog (their 3rd SAR dog from me). Miss Pink (Beyla) went to originally Washington state then to Alaska for Schutzhund, obedience and tracking. Miss Red (Ruby) went to Ft. Collins, CO to be a family companion and do obedience & nosework competition (their second dog from me). Mr. Blue (Ziggy) went to the Denver area to be a therapy dog and family companion for two busy boys. Mr. Yellow (Grizzly) went to southwestern Wyoming as a pet.  

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Police/Narcotics test and Search & Rescue Test

Grizzly (Celhaus Mercy Grizzly Bryant) at 4 years 11 months
“Attached are a couple of recent images of Grizzly from our morning walk.”

Beyla (Celhaus Miss Beyla Vanir) at 4 years 7 months
Name Story: Although being a goddess herself, Beyla is servant to Freyja, goddess of fertility. She is often connected with earth, and known as the goddess of bees… She is wife to Byggvir, also a servant to Frey and Freyja. Beyla is basically a god-servant to Frey, who’s the god of life, fertility, nature, etc. I thought it was fitting that she be named that (not only because it was a pretty name) but because she’d be my “servant” in that her job is to be protector and companion to my husband and I, and any future children. Vanir is simply the group of gods she is originally in. Thor and Odin and whatnot are in the group called Aesir (Aesir were thought of as being the powers that hold the cosmos together, the animating personalities of the “forces of nature.”). Vanir are the other “tribe” of gods, associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future. It sounded nice paired with Beyla, and matched as far as meanings and aligning with Norse Mythology.

“Beyla at a waterfall in Costa Rica.  We’re here for 2 months, then a month in Oaxaca, Mexico.”

Beyla at 4 years 2 months
“Aveline Althea was born Sept 3 2021. Beyla and her new charge are getting along famously. Beyla is very attentive and has been on guard. She’s very curious at this new thing in the house, and patient and understanding that she hasn’t had as many walks as usual. I’m very happy to have her with us as we enter this new chapter of life.”

Bindi (Celhaus Mireya Bindi Satchke Umida) at 4 years 7 months
Name Story: Mireya is Spanish for miracle: Bindi is the Hindi forehead spot designating spiritual seeking, etc.; Satchke is Finnish for sparkle; Umida is Punjabi for hope/wish/desire.

“Never never never-I mean NEVER take your eye off that ball-stick-view in the distance!”

Ruby (Celhaus Mount Moran) at 4 years
“Ruby is great – we can’t believe she’s 4 (!) – where did the time go?  She’s such a happy girl! Loves agility and is doing well at it – no competing yet (outside of fun matches) since matches around here are still impacted by the pandemic.  She is so fast, usually I have to modify the cues from a (big) distance.  She’s busy still, loves using her nose, and is quite the daddy’s girl.”
Photo 1:  “Enjoying the trail near our house.” 
Photo 2:  “Waiting to play.”
Photo3:  “Relaxing, finally.”
Photo 4:  “With ‘sis” Stella”

Ziggy (Celhaus Maverick Zigmund Bullet Luxman) at 4 years
Last year during the pandemic I participated in some more training with Ziggy. We did some obedience work and started some basic scent training. We started hiking more and were at the lake every other weekend all last summer. He has been doing so good. I have worked a lot of leash with him so he has been hiking at times off leash and is so amazing at listening to commands. Here are some recent pictures from camping and hiking.

Beyla at 4 years
“She’s doing great.”
7/24/21: “Beyla just won her ORT title (nosework certification)!  48 seconds!   A majority of it sniffing the room and orienting herself…we haven’t worked with boxes lately, just hidden scents.  She nailed it anyway.  She very enthusiastically pounced on the box when she found it.”


Bindi (Celhaus Mireya Bindi Satchke Umida) at 4 years 3 months
Name Story: Mireya is Spanish for miracle: Bindi is the Hindi forehead spot designating spiritual seeking, etc.; Satchke is Finnish for sparkle; Umida is Punjabi for hope/wish/desire.
“We finally took the day off and went riding! OH-did Miss Bindi run and run and run and RUN! Here we are all playing in the one pond out there that has a good bottom!”

Bindi at 4 years 1 month
Photos1-2:  We’ve been busy tiling and painting and making shelves…but have managed a few rides in. 
Photo 3:  The one in the car? That’s her after “chore ball” and about 10 miles in the heat…she just never stops.
Photo 4:  Took her to the parade to take pics of “the gang” the other day. She was all ho-hum, though she did think the fire engine was a bit loud and rude.  Her reward was chasing sticks in the river for 15 minutes.  Love my girl…always keeps me hopping.  Here she is watching the parade…I always marvel at how calm she is in crowds and with so much stuff going on – and so over the top maniacal on a general daily basis! (in a good way now mind you!). Pays no real attention to other dogs, will wag her tail at peeps and check that children don’t have a ball hidden somewhere, but she didn’t even make a move to dash after the thrown candy.  I was surprised actually…
Such a prey drive. I’m sure she would have adored police work! BUT she’s my baby and I’m sticking to her! Love to travel with her and she’s so good in town and FEARLESS.

Bindi at 3 years 11 months
Photo 1:  “Miss Bindi is such a great trail dog and says “it’s hot out here!” to her grandma Cel!”
Photos 2-3:  “Miss Bindi is having a find summer-she LOVES the construction crew-we’re having to train them to not give in to her constant singing and harassments to throw things for her-and only pay attention when they have the time and inclination-as well as only when she is quiet…it is helping! Of course they are all boys who think she’s just the bomb and too much fun!  Here she is bringing them whatever and waiting patiently…”

Lexi (Celhaus Majestic Lexington) at 3 years 2 months
Lexi is in training for Search & Rescue
“Morning with Lexi.  Here is our little girl loving the early mornings, checking the front yard to see what went on last night”