Soleil’s Temperament Test Results 2013

Soleil’s Temperament Tests, 2013
Soleil is from the GG litter.
She is Mercy’s mother (JJ litter) &
grandmother of the QQ litter

The Search & Rescue people were unable to come test the GG litter so all I have for Soleil are Suzan’s Police/Narcotics temperament test results.

Test – Rating – Comments

“OK. No good eye contact but did lick me after 10 seconds”

Above Average
“Good – no struggle or problem”

Above Average
“OK. Looked at hand, no problem”

Retrieve ball & toy
Average on both
“Liked to check it out, stop & lie down with both ball & toy ball and toy.

Above Average
“Liked the tug of war.”

Fear (can of bolts) 
Above Average
“Good. No big reaction.”

Aggression & Courage (train) 
“Nice. Stayed at a distance to watch & then came up to look when encouraged. (toy used was an electric train that when turned on moved erratically, whistled loudly, clanked, etc.)

Surprise (umbrella)
“Ran away & stopped. Looked back and returned when encouraged verbally.”

“Struggled for 30 seconds & never gave eye contact.”

Hunt for Toy
Above Average
“Pretty good. Couldn’t decide which toy she liked better.”

Hunt for Food 1 (jerky on string)
Above Average
“Pulled on string. Wanted it as her own.”

Hunt for Food 2 (hidden treats)
Above Average
” Very good. Systematic & easily encouraged.”

Unstable Footing

Tester Comments: Nice girl! Not frantic – very even tempered & solid.

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