Lively Pups

Photos of Lively Pups from the FF, GG & ii Litters

[The HH litter  (sired by Chaos) & KK litter (sired by Quasi) have their own pages as well.]

FF & GG litters were from Lively bred to Chaos
I kept a female from the GG litter, GloryToo.  See her pages.
ii Litter is from Lively bred to Quasi
I kept a female from the ii litter, Spirit.  See her pages.


Josie (Celhaus Easy Does It) at 6 years 7 months
Josie is an Avalanche Dog at a ski resort in Jackson Hole
Note from Chris in January:  “Funny story, I left Josie at the gondola duty station today with other workers handling her. A patroler said that they went out a couple times to air out and play. Well, next time she suddenly acted strangely and ran a short bit from the building. Next, the whole roof slid, big….

“She cleared this slide for us yesterday…. Been a big year.”

Soleil (Celhaus Good Day Sunshine BN CD) at 3 years 10 months 
Don’t forget to look for photos of her litter, the JJ litter .

I have THE best bitch in this part of the country to make things rock!! I don’t say it enough to people I train with, but the difference is there, even for my poor, inexperienced eyes to see. I’m very proud of the girl I have, and I’m very proud of what she produced.

Bought the big indestructible ball that you have, and that Chaos could play so well. Yep, she’s as good as her sire, plus it gives her a good workout. Even ET stops and plays with her when he comes home! 😄 You won’t believe the marks on it, in such a short time!! 😄

Comanche (Celhaus Irresistible) at 2 years 2 months

Comanche is doing well in Search & Rescue training.  In March 2016 he passed his Cadaver 1 test.  In June, Janet told me, “He passed his cadaver 2, water shore, and evidence… far…”  In July, he passed his open water test.  Way to go, Comanche & Janet!!!

Havoc (Celhaus Forget Me Not) at 5 years

April 2017:  I have some exciting news involving Havoc.  I went to a K9 police dog conference in Las Vegas in March and I won a free admittance to a police dog seminar put on by a place called Highland Kennel.  I attended their detection dog lecture and was very impressed with their training process and philosophy and dedication to training really reliable dogs.  So I contacted them the other day and asked them about how to redeem the pass.  They said they really didn’t have anything that would be geared to my specific situation so they offered me 5 days free 1 on 1 detection training with Havoc.   They are in North Carolina so I am in the process of figuring out when and how to get the 2 of us back there but I will keep you posted and let you know what happens.  

March 2017:  Here is one of Torri’s senior pics.  All oh her pics turned out great but this one is pretty special.   His intent gaze toward the camera is really him focusing on his ball that I was holding while standing behind the photographer.  He’s got over the top ball drive.  He’s very, very special to us, Cel.  Thanks again.

December 2016:  About 2 months ago I stumbles on the field of competitive nose work.  So I started to search for nose work training videos on YouTube and came across Dave Kroyer’s sample training videos and was instantly sold.  I loved the way he handled the dogs, his relationship with the dogs and they way he approaches and conceptualizes dog training.  I bought his video on teaching dogs how to learn and also joined his web page to get access to all his training videos.  I can’t wait til I can get the 2 nose work dvds and start devouring those.  So when I read in your letter that you too have recently discovered him as well I was very excited.  And when you you wrote that you got to go to one of his nose work clinics I was definitely envious but also very, very excited for you.  Havoc is a nose using rock star.  He is persistent in his searches and works with great enthusiasm.  I am very isolated here and I don’t have people to train with so I don’t have many resources to help with training.  But the area of competition nose work is something I think is doable here and I’m excited to get Havoc started.  I know he’ll take to it like a fish to water.  I would love to come over to Sheridan some weekend and bring Havoc with me and maybe have a chance to work with you and the folks in your club.  I would greatly value your feedback. 

Havoc is still doing great and is such a joy.  I can’t remember if I told you already but he learned to dock dive this past summer and while he wont be breaking any records he did really well and had lots of fun.  He LOVES the water!!!! At some point we the time is right I would love to have another of your pups to add to our family.

Norman (Celhaus Ever Hopefull) at 6 years 8 months

Hi Cel, Attached is a picture of Norman swimming.  Isn’t he cute?

Fritz (Celhaus Fritz) at 4 years 8 months

Hi Cel, Thanks for the birthday wishes!   Fritz is having a hard time deciding if he likes the change in weather or not. On the one hand, he loves the snow and loves it when I throw snowballs at him. He never seems to be bothered by the cold. On the other hand, now that it’s getting nicer, our family has been spending a lot more time outside. We have a park a block away from our house and we go there every day now when I get off of work.  Here are two pictures of Fritz on his fifth birthday and a picture of him with all his prized possessions (all the chuckit balls we own).

Carl and I are expecting our second baby in August so Fritzy will have to deal with a baby all over again 🙂 I think our son has thoroughly prepared him for this future though. Fritz has gotten so much more patient with him lately. I have included a few pictures with Fritz and Mat. In one set, you can see Mat inspecting Fritz’s ear and in the next picture, Fritz inspecting the peanut butter on Mat’s pajamas!

Also included is Fritz’s meeting with Santa in December. Santa and Fritz were not very big fans on one another but they put up with me long enough to take the picture.

Fenway (Celhaus Fenway) at 5 years

April 2016:  Fenway is doing great and such a blast to be with!!!  We attended a tracking seminar last weekend and it was awesome.  Fenway is an excellent tracker and I am hoping to begin focusing more on this part of her training.  I’am shooting for trailing next spring for her IPO 1.  I don’t remember if I told you that we also began training & competing in Barn Hunting.  She is also very good at this sport.  Fenway just does so well at everything we try, its a blast!!!  We are striving to go to NADAC Champs this fall, so that is our primary focus at this time and the other stuff fills the gaps.

Training/playing has been limited as I again am recovering from a second foot and ankle surgery this past December.  I also started having a lot of back pain and am starting some injection therapy in a couple of weeks which I am hopeful will reduce my pain and allow us to do more together.  I am sooooooo grateful for Sunny as she has helped us learn and work on distance work, which has allowed us to advance and continue in agility in spite of my set backs.

It’s hard to believe I picked up my special heart dog 4 years ago.  I think of you often and hope all is well!!!  Hope our paths cross again in the near future.  

July 2016:  Hey Cel, I hope all is well!!!  We are doing awesome.  Fenway is great we just earned our open barn hunt title & the first leg of our senior barn hunt title yesterday.  She is such a please to work with:))).  

We also earned 10’Q elite level Qs at the NADAC fun raiser at Sunny’s last weekend.  That was by far our best trial in along time she ran great even the non Q runs:))).  I don’t recall if I told you but we have qualified for championships & are planning on going. I’m super excited & proud of the team we have become:))), she is just a complete joy & thrill it spend my days with.      

I met Lauire Visintainer last weekend.  We had a great conversation & she really liked Fenway & asked where I got her.  They she replied “well of course”, it was super fun & chat with another person who high respects your breeding!!!

Thank you, Kim

Gunnar (Celhaus Gallant Gunnar Celebrate Chaos) at 3 years 6 months


Gunnar with his half-sister, Katie (Celhaus Katie von Lively) who is owned By Gunnar’s mom’s daughter and is 10 months old in these photos.



Blue (Celhaus Flame Tempest of Thunder) at 4 years 9 months




Cy (Freiheiten Vermachtnis “Freedom’s Legacy”) at 4 years 7 months


Cy at 4 years 3 months


Gryphon (Celhaus Gryphon ho Galenos – Greek for Gryphon the calm) at 3 years 5 months



Gunther (Celhaus Gunther the Great) CGC at 3 years 2 months,
celebrating getting his Canine Good Citizen award.  Way to go, you two!


Greta (Celhaus Faithful Frauline) at 4 years

Hope all is well. Just a couple quick pictures. First is Greta as a puppy which I have sent you before and the other is Greta
grown up but still a puppy at heart. She was sound asleep until she heard me trying to take a picture.



Chavah (Celhaus Grace Upon Grace) at 2 years 7 months

“Wow, time sure flies by when you are working your tail off; living WAY outside your comfort zone and living in a learning curve that is consistently 90 degrees!  That has been my life with Chavah…  Chavah means breath of life which is certainly what she has become to our home and our neighborhood…  The time has been intense, vigorous, demanding, challenging and again, the most unexpected training ground for my own personal growth with the Lord that God could have arranged…Our relationship gets deeper and deeper all the time.  She is not a lap dog but she loves to know when she’s doing well – she loves to please, for her and I to ‘snuggle’ now and then.  She and I are ‘tight’.  We are starting to read each other more and more…She is rambunctious, playful, FAST, brilliant, a lover in her own way and an incredible guard dog.  She does NOT like being around little kids but really enjoys adults, older people and mostly she can ‘sense’ a broken heart in the room.  I can always tell in the Bible Study that meets in our house several times a month, who is struggling the most because that is who Chavah will want to lay down by when the group is settled in…  I will never be able to convey the depth of my love for this dog.”  Julia

at 2 years 7 months

her beautiful smile


practicing footwork


at 2 years 6 months, catching snowflakes



She loves the snow!  Catching more snowflakes.


at 2 years 4 months

“Reporting for Duty”


at 2 years

practicing out of sight stays


She’s not allowed in the kitchen but pushes her antler as far in as she can while Julia is cooking dinner.


at 1 year 4 months

Learning to swim.  As long as she can go after something, she’s happy.






Cody (Celhaus Gembala BN CD ATD) at 2 years 5 months

We are sooo thankful to YOU for such great dogs.  As you well know and hear from all of your GSD family, your dogs are outstanding.  Cody just keeps on amazing us with his personality, learning and understanding of situations.  I have to remind him ( and ME) he is a dog…but what a fun creature.  THANK YOU over and over again. So thankful you are able to continue your Celhaus line for more to enjoy.  Lots of folks asked when we were getting another dog.  Hm….right now we’re enjoying Cody. Maybe down the road we’ll let you know.  Just don’t think I’d want any other breeder now that we’ve had you. It is amazing whenever we are out with him how may people come up to him and say the same thing…what a beautiful dog, what a great looking animal, he is sooo cute…still a pup, huh?

Cody has a delightful personality. We had a nursing home visit yesterday and the residents just looked at him and started laughing, which of course he loves and gets him all happy to meet them.  He doesn’t do anything but show up and he does bring smiles.  Thank glad you put us on your list and gave us Mr. Green!!!  It’s a match.  He loves to have his teeth brushed.  Gary comes with brush and tube of toothpaste in hand.  Cody immediately hits the ground, rolls on to his side and sings, talks, makes lots of noise. Quiets down as Gary’s brushes, then Cody flips onto the other side.  It’s fun to watch.

Cody the therapy dog listening as a child reads to him.



In Sept we went to Vancouver WA to see one of our sons and wife (and boarded Cody). The kennel lady previously had GSD, now has Corgis, which around here folks say is very common. Don’t think we’ll ever make that switch.  Anyway, she said that Cody was one of her BEST GSD dogs she’s had and he can come back anytime!!! We thought she needs to meet his family and G’ma Cel!!!

 Cody…where to begin.  He had 2 trials when we returned in Sept/Oct. He qualified 1 out of 4 classes.  He is so distracted and wants to go see anyone and everyone.  Healing is not his fore suit. On the stand for exam, he did very well,  until the judge backed away from him. He broke and followed her with tail wagging and ears back.. like come on get back here, let’s play!!! He knows there is NO BITING the judge, but we never told him, no playing either!!

So, he continued his classes and a special training class some of the ladies have, kinda above and beyond the regular classes.  They do run throughs and proofing, lots and lots 1:1 time for about 2 hrs.  He loves it and they love Cody. So, back to AKC he goes in Nov…and qualified both times, and now has his 2nd title, Novice A. The judges are VERY gracious and forgiving with he and Gary. There are not any trials during the winter, locally, so he’ll continue with classes and training.  Everyone is soooo patient with not only Cody, but Gary as well since he has never shown a dog before. I sit on the side lines and video the team. Under my breath I say, sit Cody (at the halt), keep up with Gary, swing your back side in closer.

Cody after passing his Companion Dog title.


Havoc (Celhaus Forget Me Not) at 3 years 8 months

Andrew and I were up in the mountains today and as always Havoc was along to enjoy the adventure :).  I attached a few pics I took with my phone. He is doing terrific and he is a real blessing to the family.  I would like to start doing some agility competitions with him but not sure where to find announcements for them. Any tips on getting hooked into the competing circuit. He is so incredibly smart and he LOVES to work. I’m also hoping to get serious about doing nose work with him. “Find it” is
absolutely one of his favorite games and his tail never stops wagging when he is looking for something.   Anyway Cel….just wanted to say hi and let you know Havoc is doing wonderfully and we love him so much. Thanks for loving your dog’s so much and breeding such wonderful companions and working dogs. I can’t wait to see the pics of your next litter. ….mom and dad are just gorgeous.  Carol




Grace (Celhaus Gracie Chance’ Annie Gonzales) at 2 years 1 month

Grace is doing very very well.  It was kind of hard in the winter about getting out and training with her and with me being in the hospital.   She gets cabin fever and she misses me really bad. I know shes bored when she forgets her manners.    But boy what a pal to recuperate with.  I have totally recommited to her training and socialization again and she is doing so awesome.  I took her out this morning and we hiked Devils Backbone.  She carries all of our water and supplies.  I can’t believe she’s 2 already.  She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  And people compliment her over and over and over.  I think it goes to her head.  I have had a few people get serious and ask where we got her etc.  Not sure if they ever contacted you but that’s how I heard of you down here in Ft. Collins. – by word of mouth.  You’re famous!!  When our family talks about the day we went to get a puppy and Gracie was not in the girls’ top 2 choices.  For about 5 minutes they were disappointed and then in love. But for some reason we weren’t directly drawn to Miss Yellow.  We all say thank God we got our Gracie.!  We all love her sooooo much she is a best friend to all of us.  So I tell my girls I think it’s one of those times when God has something else in mind.  Thank you for bringing beautiful, happy, healthy, ENERGETIC and SMART puppies into the world.  She has helped us all heal from putting our beloved Annie down.


Greta (Celhaus Faithful Frauline) at 3 years 5 months

Helping with the corn harvest


Gunther (Celhaus Gunther the Great) at 2 years

We celebrated his birthday by taking him to a pet store to let him pick out his very own birthday bone followed by some social time at the dog park at Lake Elmo.  He can spend hours on end splashing in the water and swimming!



Cody (Celhaus Gembala BN) at 25 months, finishing his BN (Beginners Novice) title.


Cody the day before his 2nd birthday.   

Cody is also a registered therapy dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs and is busy doing visits.

Dear G’ma Cel, guess what!!! I went to a special needs school this morning for 2 1/2 hours.  I wanted to go in Jan and Feb, but the weather here was REALLY bad. One of the days I was suppose to go they closed the school, I was disappointed. But not today.   The students are ages 4 – 21 yrs and in all sorts of different rooms.  One of staff went with me, cuz it was my first time.  I heard lots of the staff say, “Oh, the German Shephard is finally here today…he’s sooo pretty, look at him, isn’t he big!!!”  And they were talking about ME!!  Dad and Mom didn’t think we’d stay the whole time, since I’m still new at this,but I did it!!!  We kinda had a schedule to follow so that we were the only dog in the room.  We had to share the time with 2 other dogs who have done this a LOT!! Sometimes I had some quiet time in between and just laid in the hallway, waiting.  That’s when the staff would come up to see me.  I can tell the difference between them and the little ones and really get excited.  But Dad makes me behave and have my manners.  I gave lots and lots and kisses, gentle ones.  One little boy, I think about 8 or so was sitting at his desk and reached over to pet me.  So, I walked closer. He scratched me and petted me and I licked and kissed.  All of a sudden he grabbed my ear and tugged…ooowww….but all I did was back away from him so he couldn’t reach me.  Dad and Mom praised me lots and lots…then I heard the teacher say that little boy does that to them, too.  I kept my distance from him.  A couple of the classrooms they sat in a circle and I was in the center.  I kinda got tired, so I sat down and they all reached from every direction to pet me…I was very  very good.  When we came home, I took a nap, but now I’m ready to go again.  Cody

And this from his mom, “We went to a beautiful assisted living facility last Friday, for a therapy visit, first time there.  They were having Happy Hour, real HAPPY HOUR…wine, beer, Capt Morgan, sodas, coffee, donuts, cheese and fruit platters…the residents were very independent and loved the dogs. Cody was terrific, very calm, settled, sat, laid down and was petted the entire time…of course he was more than happy to help clean up any crumbs he could reach. We’ve been going to a nursing home for weekly visits,
in between the bad weather,which ends up being every other week lately. Have one Monday morning at a skilled/personal care level home.  Apparently,there is man there who is always asking for them to bring him a GSD…tomorrow is his day!! “

Soleil (Celhaus Good Day Sunshine BN CD) at 26 months


Introducing Celhaus Good Day Sunshine, BN (3 runs total, with 4th, 2nd, and 1st place.
Not bad for her very first obedience trial.)



Finishing her BN on Saturday, she moved up to Novice on Sunday.

Hi Grandma,

Mom said that I need to tell you how I did today.

Well, we were the last in the group, and when I walked in the ring, I thought we were going to follow a trail again, but Mom told me no, and to watch her, so I did. I think my heeling was pretty good, I really tried hard. Then we had the figure 8, and Mom always goes to the right, since I wanna GO. I usually crowd her on the left turn, but my sits were nice and straight this time. Mom practiced with me last night on the stand for exam, and let me tell you, I did GOOD. My off leash heeling was pretty good too, but on the recall, I really wanted to go, so when Mom gave me the sign, I came in like a rocket. I kinda miscalculated on the distance, so I had to hit the brakes hard or I would’ve slammed into her. I compensated by coming up on my hindlegs, and trying to kiss her on the chin. Had to make sure she knew I really was there!!

I was whining a bit on the long down, but I never broke the sit or the down! I’m really good at that!!

So – we qualified. You should have seen Mom’s face when the judge said ‘second place with 191, #15’, her jaw just dropped. Somebody took a pic of us afterwards with the judge. Mom still looks shell shocked. I just was bored, I wanted to get going and they made me sit there!!!

Mom promised me a nice long walk with Cole, going thru the park. I’m ready!!!