VV Litter

VV Litter
Whelped 10/26/21:  3 females and 1 male
All black sables
background information
VV litter Temperament Test Results

Mr. Blue (now “Dancer”) went to a friend in Spokane who has his sister, Pilot, from the OO litter.  He, too, will compete in all kinds of venues.  Miss Green (now Solo) went to southern Utah for Search and Rescue.  My friend and training partner, Laurie, took Miss Purple (now “Veda”) to train her as a service dog. 
See Veda’s service dog training log.
We will eventually place her like we did Talon from the TT litter.  I will publish Veda’s training log on the website as Laurie sends it to me. 

I kept Miss Pink for breeding and competition.  Her call name is “Varoom!!”  When the pups finally hit the ground and were healthy, I mentioned in an email that I had been afraid to jinx things by working on possible names.  Several friends sent some great names, including Pat, who sent “Varoom!!”  Her registered name is “Celhaus Victory Against All Odds.”
Varoom! now has her own webpage.
See her visiting the Alzheimer’s Unit at 10 weeks old.
See her at 13 weeks, playing with seven-month-old Justice.

Veda (Celhaus Vivacious) at 13 months
the former Miss Purple
See Veda’s service dog training log.
““Fun shots of Veda.  At least someone is enjoying the snow.  We got 2’.”

Dancer (CelhausVespasian Isildur Sundancer) at 8 months with his full, older sister Pilot (Celhaus Olabisi Isolde CGC TKN TD), 3 years 9 months
the former Mr. Blue
Name Story: Isildur means “devoted to the moon” and is a word from Tolkien. 
“He’s bigger than Pilot now!”

Veda at 8 months
“Public access visit:  riding uncrated in the car; practicing long down stay.”

Solo (Celhaus Venture Solo) at 26 weeks
the former Miss Green
4/25/22:  Solo is doing well!  She just did well on a 1/4 mile track.  She definitely is a teenager and I can’t wait for her to mature as I see all of the great things just waiting to pop out.””
Solo at 14 weeks
“Great hike with the dogs at Lower Calf Creek Falls”

Solo at 10 weeks