2022 Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar – SPIRIT on Saturday

2022 Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar – SPIRIT on Saturday
See An Illustrated Explanation of Nosework for Those Unfamiliar with It

Learn more at www.davekroyer.com (including a thirteen-video “Super Snout series showing his method) and on @davekroyerdogs.

This seminar focused on efficient searching, accurate indications and reading the dog’s indication (whatever that indication may be).  In Dave’s method, the indication is a sit or down – or reaching up on high hides to get as close as possible – and staring at the hide until released by a clicker or spoken “yes,” at which time the dog goes away from the hide to the owner to receive its reward.  All of us in Sheridan use that indication but some seminar participants don’t.

Mornings we worked exteriors at Craftco Metal’s storage yard; afternoons we worked interiors in Sue’s arena

On Saturday, Sheila, a professional photographer as well as seminar participant, took photos except when she was walking or working her dog.  Katina who has Kaiser (a Cantor/Lovely son from the RR litter), also took a few of me working Spirit, if she had worked Kaiser already.

Also participating was Ursa (a Cantor/Mercy son from my UU litter.  Ursa did so well that Dave invited them to also do the Advanced Exterior searches.  Dave showed Scott how to use the ball to increase Ursa’s intensity in searching.  See the main seminar page for their photos.

I worked Spirit in both Superior and Master Exteriors.  Novice classes only 1 hide (birch), with no distractions.  Advanced classes also contain only 1 hide (anise), with no distractions.  Novice exterior and interior search areas are pretty small, while the Advanced search areas are larger.   Above Novice, the classes (Superior, Masters & Elite) get increasingly harder, with larger areas containing multiple hides, one or more distractions (toys or food).  Superior has clove plus one of the scents from before (birch, anise); Masters has myrrh plus two of the earlier scents (birch, anise, clove); Elite has vetiver plus any and all of the earlier scents – and the judge doesn’t tell you how many hides and distractions there are.  There can be 1 or up to 5 hides, and multiple distractions.  All of them were a little more difficult than actual competition searches.

Spirit on Superior Exterior Search

Spirit on Master Exterior Search

When we moved to the training arena, Dave worked all of us on detailing, which is helping the dog to search by our indicating where to look.  We worked “W’s,” alternating high and low, using wooden boxes.  Dave had us work down the line of boxes, then make a circle back to the beginning, so that we always worked the boxes in the same direction.  To test commitment to the indication, Dave had us drop the lead and keep walking when the dog indicated, then wait before clicking to release the dog to come to us for its reward. 

Spirit Detailing (W’s)

After that, Dave set up a HUGE interior search, using most of the arena with all kinds of items that could possibly hold a hide.  No one could watch the others work, so we all came into a blind search, and it was pretty intimidating, especially since we didn’t know how many hides there were.  By luck, Spirit turned right as we entered the search area and in her first loop of searching hit the odor, so Sheila only got 2 photos, one of which was of Spirit distracted by her movement and looking up at her.

Spirit on Interior search

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