RR Litter

RR Litter
Whelped 6/11/19: 4 bicolor males, 1 bicolor female; 1 black female

Mr. Green (Rudi) went to Wisconsin for obedience competition and Schutzhund. Miss Pink (Sadie) went to Pennsylvania for agility and obedience competition and therapy dog work. Miss Gray (Duchess) went to NW Montana, Mr. Blue (Ruger) went to southern Wyoming and Mr. Purple (Kaiser) went to Colorado as pets. Mr. Brown (Radik) went to Colorado as a pet and hopefully therapy dog.  

Radik (Celhaus Radik of Eagle Vista) at 1 year 10 months
Name Story: Radik is German/Czech for “Famous ruler” and is pronounced “Rah-deek”.

Photo1:  “Radik helping put the chickens to bed.”
Photo 2: “Radik retrieving a stick yesterday.  He LOVES swimming!”

Radik at 1 year 9 months
Photo 1:  “Washing off the muck from the barn today.  It’s so wonderful to have a little water in the river!”
Photo 2:  “Radik (center), Hilda (left) and Gunther (right) on our hike this morning.”

Radik at 1 year 8 months
Photo 1:  “
We love this sweet boy.  We’ve been together all day…hiking, then at the barn (hence the dirty nose), then chores and he still coaxes to play ball.”
Photo 2:  “My sweet Radik” 

Duchess (Celhaus Royalty) at 1 year 7 months
“Duchess with ALL the bones.”

Kaiser (Celhaus Romeo Stole My Heart) at 1 year 9 months
We had a scent work trial in Longmont.  It’s getting harder now in Advanced as we have two hides per element.  But he got a 3rd place and his first leg in advanced exteriors and a first and second place to finish his title in advanced interiors.  We found one out of two hides in containers and buried so no legs there.  Handler discrimination was weird because he’s been quite successful at home and yet we weren’t at all successful at our first attempt at Novice A HD.  Overall good times though, he searched well and it’s always fun to spend the day with him!
“Kai showed over the weekend in Denver and finished his last rally novice leg with a 99/100 and second place.  He finished his Advanced Rally title in the B class with good performances despite lower scores (he got a 93, 83, and 85).  The two low ones were just one incorrectly performed sign (so 10 off)… one round his doing and one my mistake.  The rest good!  Obedience competition was a mixed bag.  He was amazing both days and it was his first attempt at Novice.  The judges loved him and complimented his performance and what a nice dog.  Unfortunately, both days he decided to lie down 5-10 seconds before his sit/stay was finished.  So no legs, but he was a very good boy except wanting to enjoy that nice soft high quality astroturf.  I was seriously surprised because he’s never one time done that in practice.  My instructor thought it was indeed the soft flooring being inviting vs the usual hard surfaces everywhere we practice.  So now we know, gotta practice on grass and blankets etc.  I have people all the time admiring Kai and asking where I got him.  At our last scentwork trial, I think I told you, the judge said he was the nicest Shepherd she’d seen for years.  So many judges have loved him. He is pretty and has a really great confidence and charming character!  The judge on our last obedience round that got messed up looked as disappointed as I was when we messed up in the final seconds.
“I have said it before, but really, he could not be more perfect.  John and I have many times just admired him and said we can’t believe how great he is.  Such good instincts, good temperament, silly at times, so intelligent, extremely engaged and loving.  You do a great service to the breed.
Photos 2-3:  “Happy Valentine’s Day.
Photos 5-7:  “
He’s maturing.  His head is changing a lot.  In the close up he looks more like Cantor than Lovely.

Photo 1:  “Mr. Adorable after a long weekend, all exhausted from the trial.  He’s done sit stays daily since then for 3 times the time in various places without even thinking of lying down.  I think the cushy soccer field astro turf was hypnotizing him. “
Photos 2-3:  “Kai got two legs in Open class (Barnhunt).  We placed 2nd both times.  Darn that faster dog!  We did Crazy 8s for the first time and he was enthusiastic and got 100 points (2 trips in).  Crazy 8 in barn hunt is when they hide 8 rats and they have a tunnel and climb.  A perfect round is 100 but our 100 was a 40 and a 60.  So we were not perfect but he did keep hunting the rats (novice only has one, open has two, and I only have two for practice so he’s never experienced the Easter egg hunt of rats before!).  So we found quite a few, the round with 40 we got a point deduction because I didn’t get him to tunnel because he was having fun finding the rats and time is weird in the ring!”

Kaiser at 1 year 8 months
Photos 1-3:  “Here are more photos, from our recent snow day.”
Photos 4-5:  “How Kai helps do laundry.”

Sadie (Celhaus Rhapsody in Black) at 1 year 6 months
“Sadie doing agility contacts; Sadie in the snow.”

Ruger (Celhaus Ruger Wesley George) at 1 year 4 months
“Ruger is amazing!  We just love him so much.  I recently remarried an amazing man.  He is so good to me and the girls.  He also came with 3 dogs, so Ruger now has his dog pack.  They all get along so well together.  Ruger loves the snow and the mountains.  He also continues to keep an eye on his girls no matter what and likes to “help.”  He is always in the middle of the projects.  He usually sleeps next to my bed, but occasionally he goes to sleep in the girls’ rooms.  He is my baby boy!”
1st photo:  This was my view one morning when I woke up. It made me laugh so I had to take a picture.
2nd photo:  This is his favorite thing to do.  When the girls are out jumping, he puts a ball on the trampoline and waits for them to pick it up and throw it to him.  Every time! He is not allowed on the trampoline.  I don’t want him hurt.  But he loves being around the girls when they are.
3rd photo:  This is his best friend, Cooper.  They are something else!
4th photo:  We put in irrigation and laid sod this summer, and Ruger was in the middle of the entire project.  He as so curious about every step.  Pretty sure a few balls were buried as he would drop them in the holes and some were retrieved out by us and some stayed.
9th photo:  I wasn’t driving when I took this one.  Ruger likes to go with me every time I pick up Brooklyn from the late sports bus.  We were at the bus stop waiting for her. He loves kids!

Radik at 1 year 7 months
“Radik on our hike this morning.”

Kaiser at 1 year 6 months
Photos 1 – 2:  “Our boy is a mess.  😂 I bought him rats yesterday.  I was aware since Kaiser does barn hunt they might not be able to share our immediate living space peacefully.  But I tried.  Nope!  Much crying, pacing, panting…haha.  My plan is to eventually keep them in my feed room/milking room in the barn but when it’s cold the little heater I use only keeps the temp in the 40’s.  Not warm enough for the little guys.  So, John and I carried them down to the laundry room in the basement (has a window etc for their circadian rhythms).  Fine for last night but guess who discovered them today?  All the things that make him so awesome (good nose, plenty of work drive, etc) also have the potential to be difficult 😎 He does NOT give up!  We will see whether I can convince him it’s ok for them to be down there, or we get a bigger heater for the barn 😁”
Photos 3-7:  “Here is Mr. cuteness with his new bed (since he and Ellie may have had a misadventure with the old bed months ago), and Costco themed toys I couldn’t pass up!   I knew the Cosco toy pack wouldn’t last long but we are huge fans of Costco.  Costco has fairly decent low-cost hot dog + coke for $1.50.  And pizza slices.  And the card says “good dog member” and has a couple of bites out of it.  I couldn’t pass it up.  One of the things I am always amazed at with Kaiser is he is always ready to go.  You can tell when he’s had plenty of exercise because he’s chill and fine with relaxing.  But if you walk to the door, he struts over in a big hurry to see what’s happening!  I love his enthusiasm.”

Kaiser at 1 year 5 months
First 3 photos:  Pazuzu (from the PP litter) and Kaiser meet.
Next 2 photos:  FASTCAT professional photos
6th photo:  “1st place, finish title, high in Novice division.  RATN in the bag.”

Rudi (Celhaus Rudolph) at 1 year 4 months
Name story: Rudolph, loosely translated, means well-known wolf.

Rudi is enjoying being “big brother” to Ava, from the SS litter.”
1st photo: watching the squirrels.
Rudi and Ava are doing well.  Ava is growing up quickly – physically and mentally.  She’s such a pretty girl and is quite a thinker.  She was a hit in her puppy class – again, had the instructor tell me she was impressed and had been telling the other instructors about her.  She was great with the other puppies and just approaches everything with a calm confidence.  Rudi tends to be the “goof” and Ava the watcher.  They are well matched – she stands up for herself and they have a ton of fun playing.  Rudi continues to be the perfect big brother!!  As I write this, they are sharing the job of shredding a flossy bone – one on each end.

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