2022 Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar Sunday Hopeful

Hopeful at the Dave Kroyer Seminar Sunday, 9/18/22
See An Illustrated Explanation of Nosework for Those Unfamiliar with It
Learn more at www.davekroyer.com (including a thirteen-video “Super Snout series showing his method) and on @davekroyerdogs.

This seminar focused on efficient searching, accurate indications and reading the dog’s indication (whatever that indication may be). 
In Dave’s method, the indication is a sit or down – or reaching up on high hides to get as close as possible – and staring at the hide until released by a clicker or spoken “yes,” at which time the dog goes away from the hide to the owner to receive its reward.  All of us in Sheridan use that indication, but some seminar participants don’t.

Sunday, 9/18/22:  Sunday was for dogs actively competing in all four elements (exteriors, interiors, vehicles & containers).  In the morning we worked vehicles at Craftco Metal’s storage yard; in the afternoon we worked containers in Sue’s arena

Sheila, a professional photographer as well as seminar participant, took photos except when she was walking or working her dog.  Katina who has Kaiser (a Cantor/Lovely son from the RR litter), also took a few of me working Spirit, if she had worked Kaiser already (So that we had blind searches, we couldn’t watch until we had run our dogs).  Also participating was Ursa (a Cantor/Mercy son from my UU litterSee the main seminar page for their photos.

Novice Vehicle classes involve three passenger vehicles, lined up facing the same direction.  Teams search only the front bumpers for only 1 hide (birch), with no distractions.  Advanced Vehicle classes also include 3 vehicles facing the same direction.  Teams search all areas of the three vehicles for only 1 hide (anise) and must ignore a toy distraction.  The other classes use up to 6 vehicles of any type, scattered and facing any direction, and have up to 4 hides and 1 or 2 distractions.  As usual, Dave sets up harder exercises that we will encounter in a trial.  Different dogs do different searches according to their ability and Dave is always there to show both human and dog how to work out anything they struggle with.  A lot of the photos show a series of him helping a team. 

Dave set up a Novice/Advanced search of 3 passenger vehicles.  Hopeful did the Novice search.

Hopeful on Novice Vehicle Search

Then Dave set up a BIG, elite-level search involving 2 passenger cars and 4 big Craftco trucks – and a lot of detailing to find both high and low hides.  Some of the teams struggled, but Hopeful did great because I work high, medium and low hides and we practice detailing, every time I train.  Dave moved the two passenger vehicles from the Novice search which didn’t have a hide on them and used them for the beginning of the BIG search.  They didn’t have a hide this time either.  Dave also utilized four big trucks and set up the search as an exercise in detailing (which we had worked on the previous day).  The handlers needed to help the dogs search high as well as low so this was pretty intense searching.  Dave had some dogs do fewer vehicles depending on their age and experience.  On the first truck, #206, Dave put 3 hides.  I put the photos of the search for the first hide on one page, and the photos of the 2nd & 3rd hides on another.  The second truck, #201, had 2 hides.  On the third truck, #203, the dogs had to climb up on the back to find the hide.  We had a ball with that one!   After just a couple of dogs worked that hide, we worried about the metal bed getting hot so we commandeered a piece of plywood and propped the edge level with a thermos and stack of cones so it was stable.  On the fourth truck, #204, there was only one hide and it was low – an easy end to an intense search exercise.

Hopeful on the BIG Master/Elite Vehicle Search

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After lunch we were ready to tackle containers.  In competition, Novice and Advanced Container classes have 12 containers in a straight line.  Superior classes have 16 containers in 2 rows; Master & Elite classes have up to 24 containers in any arrangement and contain multiple hides and distractions.  

The first exercise Dave set up was a long single row of containers.  The second exercise was several long rows of containers and pipes.  The third exercise consisted of the containers arranged in circles.

Hopeful on Container Search – single row

Hopeful on Container Search – multiple rows

Hopeful on Container Search – in circles

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