Berakah’s Nosework Award

Berakah’s Award

Berakah LOVED nosework.  She just plain loved using her nose and searching for hides.  She would bounce around and sing loudly as she waited for me to let her loose to search.  At the trials, people would stop what they were doing to watch her when it was her turn to compete. 

In her memory, I will offer Berakah’s Award at every Sheridan nosework trial.  The judge will choose the dog she (or he) likes best who searched well, had a good indication and had fun searching.  I will pay the entry fees for that dog the next time it enters a Sheridan nosework trial.

As one of our nosework training group commented, “Berakah was our rockstar nosework girl.  She made us all learn to love nosework.  It made me teary and so proud of her legacy for others to shine and enjoy it as much as she did.  Berakah is etched in our hearts forever.  I will think of her every trial and training we do.  Thank God for those memories.  She will live on in this award, now.”

The second Berakah’s Award was awarded at our trial on October 9, 2022.  It, too, went to a local team:  John Frank & Moira

The first Berakah’s Award was awarded at our nosework trial October 10, 2021. And it went to a local team, John Kennedy & Rambler!! The judge, Tracy Patton (on right) felt that they best typified the requirements for Berakah’s Award – good searching, solid indication, and enthusiasm. Way to go, you two!

Berakah doing nosework
Success at the October 2017 nosework trial

Doing a demo at TTT Autos

Competing at the October 2019 Nosework Trial