Veda’s Service Dog Training Log Page 1 December 2021

Service Dog Training Log for “Veda”
Celhaus Vivacious
the former Miss Purple from the
VV litter.

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Service Puppy Daily Training Log Ratings
(5) Excellent
(4-3) Good
(2-1) Needs Improvement

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Temperament Testing Sunday, December 19, 2021
Police and Narcotics
(SAR) Search and Rescue

Wednesday, December 29, 2021 (9 weeks)

Picked up Miss Purple from Cel’s at noon in Sheridan.

Travel (3)
A little stressed after leaving Cel’s, but settled after a few minutes. Was comforted by chews and the toys that I had provided for her for the trip home. Stopped in Gillette for a potty break and slept the rest of the trip home to Sundance, WY (4) 167 miles

House Training (3)
Potty – letting out every 1 hour while in house, after each meal, naps, play sessions.
Crate – Visits crate often during the day on her own, sleeping most of the night.

Socialization with other dogs
Introduced to my other dogs:
Hilda (Doberman Pinscher) (1)
Domina (Doberman Pinscher) (3)
Jamboree (Celhaus German Shepherd from the JJ liter) (5)
Wyatt – Blue Heeler (5)
Crackers – Chihuahua (4)
Bella – Miniature Pinscher (4)

Thursday, December 30, 2021

House Training
Potty (4)
Crate Training (3)

Socialization and play with other dogs
Short 5-minute individual play sessions
Jamboree (5)
Wyatt (5)

Focus Games
Manding (5)
Name Game (5)

Retrieving Games
Tennis Ball, investigating only (2)
Cow squeaky toy, investigating only (2)

Friday, December 31, 2021

House Training
Potty (4)
Crate (4)

Farm Animals

Chickens – investigate, watches (5)
Ducks – investigate, watches (5)
Cows – investigate, barks (3)

Environment Sounds
Tractor (4)
4-wheeler (4)

Focus Games
Manding (5)
Name Game (5)