Veda’s Service Dog Training Log

Service Dog Training Log for “Veda”
Celhaus Vivacious
the former Miss Purple from the
VV litter.

My friend, Laurie, is training Veda to be a service dog.  This training log details everything Veda learns on her way to becoming certified as a service dog.  Her training is so intense that I have created a page for each month’s entries and evaluations.

Note, December 2022: After introducing “Veda” to several service dog tasks over the past several months.  I believe she would work best as a Medical Alert Psychiatric Service Dog for Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorders, Panic attacks, Social phobias and/or post-traumatic stress disorder. So those tasks will be our priority until placed.

Beginning in 2023, I will place the most recent monthly log on top.

See page 21 (August 2023) 22 months old

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See page 2 (January 2022) 3 months old
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See page 1 (December 2021) 2 months old

Veda on her 2nd birthday (October 2023)

Veda at 1 year 8 months (July 2023)
“I finally had a chance to take photos. the light was fantastic for showing off Veda’s RED coloring!”

Veda with Jamboree (from the JJ litter)

Veda at 1 year 4 months (February 2023)
Photos 1-2:  “The weather (heavy snow/intense cold) has kept us home, so the only photos I have are of Veda working with a 4H youth handler on 2/26-23.  They were practicing loose-lead walking and New Rally obedience signs.”
Photo 3:  
“Beautiful day to play in all the snow.  I just got the gate to the dog yard open today. Veda was the only one to figure out she could go up and over the 5’ fence that is buried under the snow, and proudly posed to have her picture taken afterwards.  Silly girl!”

Veda at 14 months (December 2022)
“Fun shots of Veda.  At least someone is enjoying the snow.  We got 2’.”

Veda at 8 months (July 2022)
Photo 1:  “Riding quietly in car, uncrated, after public access visit to Tractor Supply in Spearfish, SD.”
Photo 2:  “Practicing long down stay during public access visit.”

Veda at 32 weeks (June 2022)
“Long walk today.  Walked down Main Street to fairgrounds, park, golf course, old elementary school and finally back down Main Street to the post office, where I had parked the Suburban.  We’re pooped.”
Photo1:  “Long distance sit stay at the park.”
Photos 2-3:  “More sit stays.”
Photo 4:  “Maintaining Tuck Position while watching people play golf.  Good girl!”

Veda at 27 weeks
“So proud of our girl.  First public access work in weeks.  Nothing phased her.  She did Meets & Greets with several store associates and a three-year-old little boy.  She was so gentle with him.  Gave him a kiss on the cheek and he gave her a big hug.  Such a cool girl. She prances while in working heel position.  In the photo, she was very distracted by Bill, who was loading the feed cart 10′ away, but she maintained the sit stay.”

Veda at 23 weeks
Photos 1-6:  “Long distance sit and down stays on metal bleachers, sidewalk & bench.  Good girl!”
Photos 7-8: “Practicing tuck”

Veda at 22 weeks
“Practicing stays and “tuck,” a public access task

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